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Mar 21, 2005 08:07 PM

Mexican in Long Beach or South

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I will be in Long Beach on Thursday for a meeting downtown at 3:30. Picking up my daughter at OC airport who can't get good Mexican where she lives and is craving it. Anyplace near downtown LB or south, say Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, HB within our route to my home in So. OC? We will be running late because of the meeting so need something before we hit the 405. Good margaritas or even wine will be a plus.

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  1. Enrique's Mexican Restaurant on PCH in Long Beach is quite good and on your way home. I'm not as big an advocate of their carnitas as other posters here are, but they have excellent chips and salsa, chili verde, rellenos; the usual suspects, prepared well.

    It's in a minimall on the west side of the street, just south of Loynes Dr. You can go east down Ocean/2nd Street through Belmont Shores then go north when you hit PCH (this gets most out-of-towners lost unless they know to turn right onto 2nd, but it's scenic) or go down 7th Street and turn south (right) on PCH.

    Can't vouch for margaritas here (or whether they even have a full liquor license) but they have beer and wine.

    Enrique's Mexican Restaurant
    6210 E Pacific Coast Hwy
    Long Beach CA 90803
    (562) 498-3622

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      I SCREAMILY second this... Enrique's is one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants in all of L.A. (And if it means anything, I'm Mexican, well traveled in Mexico and born and raised in the inner city of L.A.). I am a HUGE fan of their Caritas (Being Southern Mexican, I perfer my roast pork rich and flavorful, not light and crispy) ESPECIALLY when they have the special of the Carnitas Shank on the Bone... HEAVEN...

      I'm actually a light eater, so most times I go there... I get their Ceviche (Which is excellent and goes SO well with their wonderful chips) and one Carnitas Taco (Which they pile on so much meat, it's really enough for almost 3 street tacos!) with a Bohemia, I'm one happy girl...

      Finally, they have a beer and wine license only... but they can make you a nice white wine Margarita! The desserts are also really good as well... :D



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        And I give it an enthusiastic third!!

    2. Depends on what you are looking for, but I find that the best mexican food comes from true hole in the walls.

      My candidate is Los Campadres off of Anaheim Street/Redondo. The surroundings aren't great, but the restaurant interior is brand new and very pleasant and the menu has everything ranging from goat to machaca to seafood cooked every which way. And it is delicious.

      I usually get the molcajete, which is a meat/vegetable fajita-type mix served up in a volcanic lava bowl. At other mexican restaurants you can pay upwards of 20 bucks for this dish - Los Campadres has it for under 15 bucks. The tortillas are freshly made and I haven't had anything anywhere near bad here. I take everyone to this place and I highly recommend it for good authentic mexican.

      I have to agree with eveyone else, Enrique's is also good too. More mainstream mexican.

      1. i like enrique's too, particularly that monstrous pork shank. but my absolute favorite mexican restaurant in long beach is taco loco No. 3 (don't know about #1 or #2). it's on magnolia between pch and anaheim. probably the best pure taco stand i've ever been to. even the carne asada and chicken are good. be sure to try the tripas and the cabeza, though. and do ask for home-made tortillas. there's also a pretty good mexican bakery next door for a pan dulce afterward.

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          THANKS!! I heard there was a great Taco Stand in LB, I'll be sure to check it out! :D


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            An enthusiastic second for El Taco Loco #3. I live near Enriques and it is very good but I go out of my way to eat at El Taco Loco #3. It is hard to beat. When my son or daughter visit home it is usually the first place they ask to go.

            There is no alcohol but the food is great and very affordable. The salsa is fresh and varies from visit to visit but is always good. The music from the juke box and whatever is on the multiple TVs will battle for your attention. The bakery next door has good flan as well.

          2. Linda's on Broadway E of Redondo.
            They use Canola Oil. Great salsa and lots of vegetarian items. Great chips too-way better than Enrique's, which I could walk to-but usually avoid.

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              Ah Lindas.... I adore their albondigas soup... Everything else though, eh...


            2. I have to heartily recommend Lola's Mexican Cuisine on 4th St (2030 East Fourth St.)- It's a fun, trendy area across from the art theatre. I just had lunch there today and was thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere, service, and most importantly, the food. I had a delicious chile relleno stuffed with ground beef with rice and beans and hibiscus water to drink. Every thing tasted fresh, authentic, and to die for. The salsas served with the tasty chips were also really incredible. I would highly recommend this cute little place in a really fun neighborhood!