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Looking for Chinese scallion cake in Baltimore County

Hi. I've been looking for awhile for a Chinese restaurant that serves good scallion cakes. I don't mean the kind used for mooshoo, but the kind that are a little thicker and come prepared so all you have to do is cut and eat them. They resemble flatbread. Thanks.

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  1. You can buy the mix at almost any Korean market. Just add water and scallions and fry.

    1. A&J has something similar, without scallion. If Rockville is too far, we get frozen ones (one of the Taiwanese brands) heat in the pan and serve. I would add a scrambled egg on one side and make it "egg pancake." Sorry it's so good it ran out so fast, don't have the package to tell you the brand. Good luck.

      1. Szechuan House at York and Seminary has that

        1. Jumbo Seafood in Pikesville has them. They come with string beans + chicken or beef and what I believe is some sort of plum sauce on the side (you can probably get them with just vegetables too). I don't know what is considered a good scallion cake or not as this is the only place I have had them, but they taste great to me.


          1. Umi Sake on York Road has scallion pancakes with string beans as an appetizer. I thought they were rather substantial, so it could make for a light dinner (or order 2!).

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                See my Umi Sake review at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/659854 . I wouldn't drive in very far for it, but given the alternatives in the Cockeysville area, it's a good option.

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                  Agreed. We had a good dinner and wouldn't hesitate to return if we were in the area. It seemed like there were a lot of regulars there, too.

            1. They are pretty easy to make yourself. I saw the 'recipe' somewhere, and never forgot it.

              Mix flour and water together to make a dough. Roll out. Sprinkle with chopped scallions (green part too) and coarse salt. Roll this up like a jelly roll, then roll up the roll the other way to make a really awkward ball. Then roll the whole mess out again with your rolling pin. Some stuff *will* pop through - don't worry about it.

              Fry this pancake in a frying pan. I used a mix of butter and olive oil, because that's all I had. It was delicious, and perfect. I ate it with soy sauce and hot sauce, depending on my mood.

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                Thanks everyone!
                We tried Jumbo Seafood first, and it was delicious. We got the scallion pancake with string beans and it was enough for dinner, for me at least. My husband also had wonton soup and the Hunan Shrimp. I tasted both and they were wonderful.
                We finally tried Szechuan House this week. Their scallion pancakes were very good and the food was delicious as well.
                I'm happy to find two great restaurants in the area.
                Don't know how I'll be at making scallion pancake by hand, but maybe one of these days I'll give it a try!

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                  My latest find is Noodles Corner in Columbia which has scallion pancakes off the menu. They make it for themselves, and some known customers. So when my wife got it, the thing was excellent even after sitting around in the car for a whole winter day and getting cold and hard. The scallion pancake there rivals the stuff we got in Taiwan. The only thing is you have to find out when they have it prepared and get one out of them. I will be trying the rest of their Taiwanese menu, but I am just suprised that people here are doing so much hype about Hunan Legend which has quite Americanized Chinese food but not even a search turned up a gem like Noodles Corner as a good Taiwanese restaurant.

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                    Sorry to be off-topic. Try Vietnamese Shrimp Salad at Noodles Corner. My favorite item there by far.