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Jan 2, 2010 06:00 PM

Highliner frozen wild salmon fillets [moved from Ontario]

So maybe I'm crazy, but I bought some frozen salmon fillets - Highliner brand - full sides, wild Keta salmon. Small print says "product of China". Can anyone explain this to me? They have salmon in China? Or do they just process it in China? And, even so, is this a responsible fish product or not? I am trying to be careful of what I buy - plus my biologist son gave me a lecture at dinner the other night. He's right, of course.

Posted on Ontario board because it's a Canadian product.

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  1. Interesting post....I had assumed that this meant the salmon was caught by a fishing boat flagged from China...Fishing boats can often be a processing plant at sea...catching, cleaning and packaging fillets before they redock. Otherwise it might be salmon caught within the territorial fishing waters claimed by China. Hopefully someone knows the answer to this one.

    1. I'm guessing Chinese-processed. How many clicks on those poor salmons' odometers? Found some frozen haddock "loins" at Longo's that actually appeared to be Canadian, unlike almost everything "fresh" they sold. Recently rummaged through all my local Costco's frozen fish/shellfish and all appeared to be Chinese- or Vietnamese-processed.

      1. I think you are safer to assume that non of the highlander stuff is "responsible" fish. I recall seeing a special on those fish sticks (I think CBC)... gave me nightmares ...I am sure their less processed stuff is a bit better.... but.. still..

        1. Highliner has closed most east coast processing.China is cheaper, but the fish has to be shipped there, thawed, processed, re-frozen and sent back to our shores.

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            Are we not talking about a Pacific you mean west coast processing plants? So processing equals "product of"???

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              Thanks for the link, ipse, it explains a lot. And it shows that Highliner has a public relations problem, having closed plants, and maintaining just a few ships in the Atlantic.
              It appears as if they buy a lot of frozen fish on the open market.

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              What an awesome page. Thanks for sharing.