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Jan 2, 2010 05:21 PM

Why can't I get the "date started" sort to work?

I click and click on it, no go, always comes up "Last Post". I'm using Firefox 3.5.6 on OS 10.4.11

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  1. Armoise,

    What are you looking at? If I go to My Chow and look at my posts it only gives me 2 options. 1) recent activity, and 2) my post date. I don't see a date started, but you could be looking somewhere else.

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    1. re: danhole

      When you are in a board, say homecooking, in the top gray border you have some column headings, "topic", "posts" and "date started|last post".
      If you click on date started the posts are sorted by start date instead of by time of last post.
      The problem with this sort is that if all posts on the "front page" of the board were started the same day, it just goes to the earliest time stamp for the day.
      If the front page has several days shown on the front page, it re-orders the posts in each date section so that the earliest started post comes to the top of the date block.(It will not rearrange the date blocks, just the posts within each block)
      It will also change the name shown in the last column from the last poster to the OP.

      To the OP:
      It should re-arrange the order of the posts on the front page. If it is not doing this for you, check your javascript permissions and/or try clearing your cache.
      The feature works for me on firefox 3.5.6/Windows XP

      I just played with this feature some more and what happens when date started is selected is that the topics are now sorted by "date started" beginning with today's date and working back. Within each date block the topics are sorted by time stamp with the most recent replied to at the top of the date block.
      When last post is selected (default setting) the most recent replied to topic is at the top, regardless of date started.