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Where can I buy chicken hearts in Los Angeles???

Any thoughts???

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  1. Vicente Foods on the westside or any Gelsons will order them.

    1. What part of town? I usually see them in Asian or Mexican supermarkets.

      1. Any Chinese market in SGV will have them.

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          Thank you! I live near hacienda heights so this will be great. Thanks much!

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            yep, or you can go to 99 ranch in van nuys.

            nijiya and mitsuwa should both have chicken hearts as well.

          2. I think you can get them at the poultry shops at the Third and Fairfax Farmers' Market.

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              I saw them a few weeks ago at farmers market poultry at the Third and Fairfax Farmers' Market.

            2. Pollo Ala Brasa, the well-known Peruvian chicken place that also serves anticuchos, in Gardena serves them.

              1. I saw them yesterday in the packaged meat section at the Super King on San Fernando Rd.

                1. Just saw them the other day at Super King on San Fernando Road, right by the 2 Frwy.

                  1. 99 Ranch sometimes, but not always has hearts. Shun Fat (formerly Vien Dong,RIP) in South El Monte always has them, both behind the meat counter and prepacked into 16oz. tubs. First turned on to grilled chicken hearts at Greenfield Churrascaria, now enjoy grilling skewers of them frequently in the summer. I wish I knew other ways to use them, they are so delicious and cheap!

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                      It's the grilled hearts that get me to drive to Long Beach from WSFV; my favorite item there. The 99 Ranch at Victory and Sepulveda has had hearts every time I've looked for them.

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                        Pita Kitchen on Van Nuys + Ventura sells grilled chicken hearts in a pita, with houmus or whatever else you'd get at an Israeli / middle eastern restaurant. Now I feel like going there.

                        Pita Kitchen
                        14500 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

                    2. fen mao mutton kebab in ktown has mighty tasty chicken hearts. it's a restaurant, not a chicken parts seller. :|