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Jan 2, 2010 03:39 PM

Restaurants to try in 2010

What restaurants do you really want to try locally (in the province) this year?

I want to try Les Enfants terrible and a Venezuelan on St Laurent that I've heard about.

What restaurants do you just have to try?

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  1. Where is this Venezuelan? Haven't heard of it.

    Me, the couscous restaurant (Aux Deux Oliviers) I quoted a glowing review of. Hard to get friends to try something new, and I'm not one to dine alone unless I'm travelling.

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    1. re: lagatta

      It is Bocadillo by Sablo Kafé, 3677 St. Laurent, 514-227-4041
      It was mentioned today by Maeve Haldane in the article on casual restos for 2009.

      1. re: bigfellow

        Interesting. Sablo Kafé is very close to where I live - it is at the corner of St-Zotique and St-Dominique in la Petite Italie aka Little Everywhere.

        Although there is nothing wrong with the café, somehow I've never fallen in love with it. It lacks focus - perhaps this new endeavour will have that focus.

    2. Gotta get out to that lamb noodle place in Verdun - tried twice so far and just couldn't make it!

      1. Now that Brasserie Brunoise is closed, I have to try Mas on Wellington. I'm also tempted by La Cantine everytime I go to Kouign Amann.

        1. FYI, bigfellow - Bocadillo's is definitely worth the trip. I used to live in Venezuela - and this is definitely the most authentic Venezuelan I've had anywhere else...

          Personal reccos in my opinion are the arepas and their fried egg sandwich. Or any sandwich for that matter... they come in a really great grilled bread, which has a nice dense and chewy bite and cool looking griddle marks all over it... I've now taken to buying them on their own to take home and use as hamburger buns...

          Anyway - so I give it a thumbs up... Buen provecho!

          1. DNA by a longshot.
            Followed closely by Kitchen Gallery.

            I haven't been to La Montée since they moved West and lost the suffix, so that's on there too.

            And goes without saying, as I kick myself for missing it in 2009, Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon.

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            1. re: thebenc

              thebenc- Not that I really want to increase the competition for reservations for this place, but if you're a fan of Martin's style, this is not to be missed. A different twist on the traditional Cabane a sucre theme would be an understatement. Well worth it. Arrive hungry and pace yourself.

              1. re: KSC02

                Do I smell a potential chowdown at the cabane à sucre APDC?

                1. re: KSC02

                  Hmmm... a week into April and still no call?
                  As one easy rider once noted, "We blew it!"
                  Ah well, next year, next year I suppose.
                  We'll always have McAuslan Brunch...