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Jan 2, 2010 03:31 PM

Food/Cooking related resolutions for 2010

Last year I wanted to do pastry better. I did succeed, but not to my expectations. So I am keeping that on my list.
I know that it's weird, but I want to start a database of burger recipes and all the international variations that I can find.
The last thing I want to do is to add a new, kick ass, signature dish to my repertoire.

Now what are your Food/Cooking related resolutions for 2010?

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  1. Got two.

    First, I want to really try and get to grips with cooking middle eastern food. I love the cuisine and play at cooking it - but it is only playing at it.

    Second, I want us to continue eating our way through the region's better restaurants. We've been at it for a couple of years now, limiting ourselves to a 60 minute drive time, and have pretty much cleared the listings in the UK's independent Good Food Guide. We'll be moving on to our secondary list soon - the better thought of places, but not all GFG listed, just in the metro area. About 45 on the list. It's going to make for a more diverse experience.

    1. I managed to actually accomplish a couple of resolutions in 2009, so I made quite a few new resolutions for 2010. The food related ones include:

      * trying a new recipe at least once a week
      * learning to make good hot and sour soup
      * learning how to plan better and wasting less - this actually applies to other areas than food as well
      * losing 20lbs
      * planning and executing kitchen renovation - this includes installing a dishwasher - this will be the last holiday season I am without!!!! - I am sooooo sick of washing dishes, pots, pans, cookies sheets........

      I have so many resolutions - I am thinking of renaming it "My 2010 ToDo List"

      1. I want to:

        1- Cook proper meals even when it's just for me (as opposed to my BF and me, or friends). I tend to live on sandwiches and cereal when I'm by myself.
        2- Make yeast bread. Started around Xmas, and I really like it.
        3- Go out to dinner - not just brunch - at least twice a month.

        1. First, i want to make a really good apple strudel. I'm pretty good with pastry, but rolling out that paper thin dough has always intimidated me.

          Secon, I love casseroles-but hate all those 'cream of' soups. I want to perfect a bechamel sauce and use that instead for all the casseroles my mother fed us as kids.

          And lastly, competently grill tuna, swordfish and halibut. We bought a grill and did steaks, pulled pork, etc, but the fish, with the expense of it and it's tenedency to stick, put us off. No fear this summer.

          1. I would like to actually try new recipes. I have the ones i'm known for, and the ones everyone loves, and then i have the ones i love. But I need to expand my horizons. I love just throwing ingredients together, but completely new ideas are what i need.