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Jan 2, 2010 02:50 PM

Visiting Providence and Cranston in February 2010

Hi there... I am looking for great restaurants in the Rhode Island area. I am visiting my best friend and I intend to go out to eat a few times. I would really like some suggestions for some wonderful places. So far Farmstead and Chez Pascal, Alforno all come up. I am looking for a great dish of steamed clams or any other suggestions. Thank you!

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  1. I can't help with the steamed clams, but I CAN tell you Al Forno is way, way overrated.

    If you're in Cranston, you have to hit Caffe Itri. They have great, homey Italian and a large, excellently priced wine list.

    1. Vino is spot on, but if you're in Cranston and *really* want to experience Cranston, go to Mike's Kitchen in the VFW hall by the Cranston police station. Although I don't think you'll get much in the way of steamed clams there, either.

      1. The only place i can think of that would come close to steamed clams would be the Matunuck Oyster Bar in South Kingstown. They trend more toward oysters, which they grow themselves. Fresh food, nice location. Check out their web site.

        1. You aren't going to find anywhere in Cranston that has good steamers and you will probably overpay if you try to get them in Providence. You could try the following:
          Crows Nest – Warwick, RI
          Buttonwood's fish and chips

          As for other Cranston places:
          Cafe Itri
          Breakfast at T's

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            I think Carrie's on Douglas Ave (Prov) offers steamers. You can't go wrong for seafood there.