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Jan 2, 2010 01:18 PM

Restaurant near 6th Ave and 25th St

Looking for dinner suggestions within say 3/4 of a mile of 6th Ave and 25 St.
Price range $20-40 per person without alcohol.

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  1. If you don't mind noise, you might think of The Breslin, in The Ace hotel, on 29th between Fifth and Broadway.

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    1. re: emsny

      The Breslin FTW. Also, Hill Country if you want BBQ. Ilili for modern middle eastern/ Turkish

    2. Penelope on 30th and Lex is probably just within your distance parameters. good comfort food, not too expensive. people think of it as a brunch place but i like it at dinner on week nights. much much less crowded.
      Boqueria on 19th b/t 5th-6th ave for good tapas though you can't make reservations.
      Bar Breton on 5th b/t 28-29th -- i haven't been but it always looks pleasantly full when I walk by and New York Mag mentioned they had great burgers in the "where to eat in 2010 issue"

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        I highly recommend Bar Breton. The chef/owner is Cyril Renaud, whose previous restaurant was the superb Fleur de Sel (and sorely missed). At Bar Breton, Chef Renaud's cuisine is not as haute. Nevertheless, it is just as delicious. Service is excellent, and the ambiance is extremely pleasant.

        Photos of one of our meals at Bar Breton can be seen here: