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Jan 2, 2010 12:26 PM

chocolate of the month club

I LOVE chocolate and thought a chocolate of the month club would be a nice gift to myself. Can anybody recommend one? I would prefer that it's all or mostly dark chocolate.

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  1. Here's one, from gourmet clubs: I've never had their chocolate of the month, but did give their beer of the month and some other of the month gift from them and I know the receivers were very pleased.

    Amazing Clubs has one, but I have not had good experiences with that company,

    The best choice might be Drosges - they have a very lovely chocolate of the month club: While I know you said you prefer dark chocolate, have a look at some of the really interesting and unusual flavors that Drosges has developed - the bacon chocolate is actually really good and I like some of the Mexican chocolates as well.


    1. I have used Nirvana chocolates a few times as CMC gifts ... and it was FANTASTIC! Really good quality - from Belgium - and customer service was great.


      1. I am looking for the same thing. Did you ever find one that you loved or at least had a lot of dark chocolates?