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Jan 2, 2010 10:56 AM

My Pastrami Runneth Over... and we can only eat so many sandwiches. [moved from General Topics]

I was at Restaurant Depot shopping and they had a sale on good pastrami. I have about five pounds of it.

I made hot pastrami sandwiches with caramelized onions and Russian dressing. It turns out that the piece of pastrami I got has great marbelization without being overly fatty on the outside.

I also want to put some of it in a cream sauce and serve it on toast. And of course Reuben sandwiches and other hot pastrami variations will be made with it.

My question: what else could I do with pastrami? Any novel ideas out there? Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's great on pizza.

    Pastrami hash.


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      Ditto pastrami hash. Make lots. Have it as a side dish, then use the leftovers in a frittata.

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        I'm very embarassed to say it, but I'm 50 and have never made pastrami hash. It just never occurred to me. Corned beef, roast beef, yes. Even chicken hash. But never pastrami.

        When I make the pastrami hash tomorrow, I'm going to serve it with some sauteed garlicky cabbage and poached eggs. I have some parsnips that I'm going to add to the potatoes for the hash that I think will go well, too.

      2. PLT......Pastrami, Lettuce and Tomato

        Sorry for another sandwich.

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          Put a nice chunk of it in cholent. It seasons the cholent beautifully. Some beans, a can of beer, a hunk of pastrami, an onion, a head of garlic, Slow oven. Yum.

        2. You're all a great bunch!

          Fourunder, I've found a great source for tomatoes recently that're quite good for winter-time produce, so I'm gonna grill thin pastrami slices and put 'em with the L&T on good white toast, with homemade eggy mayonnaise.

          chiefpound, it's been over 20 years since I've made cholent. Yours is a great suggestion that I'll probably make with some of it.

          The chef at our restaurant sliced some up and stir-fried it with leeks, black beans and lots of chili peppers. It was marvelous over rice -- kinda like twice-cooked pork only less fatty.

          1. Pastrami minced finely and mixed in a 50/50 micture with mashed potatoes makes an excellent Knosh filling. And these keep and freeze well>>Unbaked if you use puff pastry, already baked if you make your own knish dough or use phyllo leaves.

            1. Omelettes - beat eggs with a little milk and dry mustard powder, cook eggs, then fill with spinach, pastrami and a little Jarlsberg or Swiss cheese.

              Pastrami Roll-ups - spread some meat with cream cheese then top with dill pickle sliced lengthwise or pickled asparagus and roll it on up

              Chicken Roll-ups - flatten a boned chicken breast, layer on strip or two of pastrami, then roll up, dip in egg and bread crumbs and bake