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All Clad Woes

Kokopelli1 Jan 2, 2010 08:08 AM

I wanted to replace some of my 28 year old original All Clad Master Chef (brushed aluminum exterior, stainless interior) with the all stainless AC. Wanted prettier pots on the stove and to be ready to move to induction cooktop in the future. Picked up an AC all stainless 2 qt saucier with lid for $100 at Sur La Table at Christmas as a present for me. First thing I noticed is it seems lighter in weight, and the handle is also lighter and less comfortable. Made Cream of Wheat (with water) once and the pan completely discolored. Brought it back to SLT and the employees were agast. I'm very disappointed in the recent feel and apparant quality of MC. When did they change? Has anyone else had these problems??


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    Beckyleach RE: Kokopelli1 Jan 2, 2010 10:33 AM

    I don't own Master Chef--stainless, instead--but I've noticed a clear difference in the weight of the newer pieces as opposed to those I bought in the '90's and very early '00s. I even did a comparison, recently, between my old--at least ten years---6 quart stock pot and the new 10 quart rondeau (same basic style; fatter and taller). Ounce per ounce of volume, the new pan is SIGNIFICANTLY lighter in weight, proportionately, to the old one. Sadly. I'd say as much as 20--25% lighter, overall, for its size.

    (If you want, I can go find the letter I sent to a friend, with the exact results of my experiement..)


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      Chemicalkinetics RE: Beckyleach Jan 2, 2010 10:40 AM


      Think positive. Lighter can be better. Considered that All-Clad staple line is the All-Clad Stainless line, decreasing weight can mean the exterior and interior stainless steel layers got thinner and the core aluminum got thicker. If they find a new cladding method to do this without sacrificing structural strength, this actually would have make the cookware lighter and better heat distribution.

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        Kokopelli1 RE: Chemicalkinetics Jan 2, 2010 03:22 PM

        I agree that lighter "may" not be neccessarily bad, however...... what is your take on the complete discoloration of the pot up to the level of the cream of wheat after cooking? Nothing would take it off. I tried a slurry of Bon Ami with a teflon scrubbie, just the teflon scrubbie, and finally, out of frustration, good old SOS. I cooked in it for maybe 3.5 minutes.


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          blondelle RE: Kokopelli1 Jan 2, 2010 03:41 PM

          Try BarKeepers Friend. It's what All-Clad recommends. It has oxalic acid and takes off most discolorations. I have heard of new pots doing that. After a few uses it doesn't any more for some reason.

          1. re: Kokopelli1
            Chemicalkinetics RE: Kokopelli1 Jan 2, 2010 03:51 PM


            I know what you mean. I agree with blondelle' suggestion. I assume you mean the rainbow/bluish discoloration and not the whitish discoloration. Whitish discoloration is due to salts and minerals. Rainbow/bluish discoloration is due to overheating. Bar Keeper's Friend is usually very good at removing either discoloration. Bon Ami won't do much here. Bon Ami is a mostly abrasive cleaner. Bar Keeper's Friend is a bit of abrasive but also an acidic cleaner.

            Are you ready to get the new All Clad d5 then? :D My understanding is that the stainless steel layers got much thinner in d5.


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              Kokopelli1 RE: Chemicalkinetics Jan 2, 2010 05:21 PM

              Great suggestions! Thank you all. I was so very discouraged after this experience. We've had such a great time with our AC and been very impressed with it's quality over the years that it was frustrating that this piece was so subpar. A few months ago, I actually boiled dry a saucpan (1.5 qt) of my old MC and although I ruined it (:() and it separated, the pan did not discolor. You can imagine my dismay and surprise of this discoloration of the new pot after using it only 3.5 minutes!


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                Chemicalkinetics RE: Kokopelli1 Jan 2, 2010 05:33 PM


                Stainless steel discoloration is not unusual. Anyway, All-Clad website also suggests using Bar Keeper's Friend:


                Good luck.

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