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Jan 2, 2010 07:33 AM

Kathmandu - Asheville

Anybody been? It's on Patton where Sugo used to be (west end of Pritchard Park).

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  1. Went to Kathmandu Cafe last night. Ambiance was nice, but the light was a bit bright for dinnertime. Service was pleasant but a bit slow, even though the restaurant was only about half full. Three friends and I shared three entrees: palang paneer (spinach and fresh cheese), aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), and kukurha ko momo (chicken dumplings). The palang paneer was bland, although the cheese in it was good. The aloo gobi was delicious, as were the dumplings, which were more like pot stickers. The rice served with the spinach and the cauliflower/potato dishes was dry, and the servings were very small. The entrees were overpriced for the amount of food served. We left a bit unsatisfied, but were pleased with the overall flavor and quality of the dishes.

    1. My wife and I found Kathmandu, tried it, and now go weekly. The quality is always very good when you order from the menu, and since we have bread with our meal, we take home leftovers. Eggplant and lamb dishes were fantastic! The buffet is always good, very good if youa rrive as they open, when all has just been prepared and very fresh. We were going to Indian places weekely, gave them up for Kathmandu! Dining is our life, and dining at this very nice Nepali cafe is wonderful! Great for groups and families.

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        Phillip, When is the buffet open? Lunch or dinner? We will be in the area next week and look forward to trying out Kathmandu!