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Jan 2, 2010 07:14 AM


Thinking of Chifa for a birthday lunch, good choice? If so what to order? If not were else at about $25pp

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  1. If I were you I'd go to Kanella. I've never been to Chifa for lunch but I've been for dinner a few times, it's my least favorite of Jose's places.

    1. depends on whose birthday. :) any restaurant on that street is a good choice, though union trust and morimoto probably fall out of your price range. aqua is delicious as well, and jones is great for comfort food. i personally like chifa but i went with my sister and she was not into it at all. personally, if someone were taking me out for a birthday lunch i'd want to go for sushi. there are great prices for midday meals throughout the city and because it is a more ritual style of eating, it feels a little more special. i love zento in old city and like vic in center city.

      i just went to village whiskey for lunch and before anyone else suggests it, it is over your budget.. i went with a pregnant friend and i only had one cocktail but our bill was $76. granted she ordered the $28 lobster roll, but still...but my burger was out of this world good, i ate the entire 8 ounce patty, which i NEVER do.

      1. Chifa does have a prix fix lunch for I believe 18 dollars, choice of appetizer, entree and non alcoholic beverage. Leaves you a bit of room to order one or two other dishes to share amongst parties at the table too.