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Jan 2, 2010 07:10 AM

I need a good knife sharpening service in Central Florida!

I live in a smallish town in central FL, south of Orlando. Does anyone know of a good sharpening service in Polk or Highlands county? Orlando or Tampa is okay too. If I can't find something relatively local, I'll have to send my knives off to someone. Any ideas?

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  1. I go to Outdoor World on international drive in Orlando. It's only a dollar a knife and they will make it razor sharp right in front of you.

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      Thanks! Are they more south or north on I-Drive?

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        Do all Ace Hardware stores offer this service or only one particular one?

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          Any place like that in Miami Beach?

      2. In Orlando you can call Buddy Blades we have a commercial account and they provide free pick-up and delivery for us, but i am not sure about residential customers. Just google the name.

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          you are right tomitz, I have used Buddy Blades also, was impressed with the results and service!

        2. I used Buddy Blades for my wife's kitchen knives. They were quick, fast and professional. They picked up the knives the next day, delivered them the day after took my credit card on the spot. My wife was thrilled! Again excellent service and product!

          1. My rule of thumb for a good knife sharpener is whether he can asnwer the following questions: "At what angle would you sharpen a knife made in the Far East? At what angle would you sharpen a knife made in Europe?" (The answers, per an article in "Cooks' Illustrated," by the way, are 15 degrees for a Far Eastern knife and 20 degrees for for a European knife.

            Unfortunately, I have yet to find a knife sharpener who can answer those two questions.

            I finally gave up asking and had Edge of Knife in Polk City sharpen my knives. (Incidentally, the proprietor there told me that he would sharpen both types of knives to the 22-25 degree range.) They did a fine job and I am very happy with the results, even if they could not answer the magic question. They did it on the spot, when they learned I was from Tampa and not likely to pass that way again soon, and charged less than twenty dollars for five Global knives.

            Edge of Knife
            322 Broadway Blvd. S.E.
            Polk City, FL33868--9239
            (863) 984-3343