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Jan 1, 2010 09:56 PM

Madrid on an extremely low budget


Hound from the London and Outer Boroughs board here. I'll be making my first ever visit to Spain in a few days and I really need to get on the ball food wise. Our budget will be pathetically low and it needs to stay that way even if it proves restrictive. I will eat literally anything and I am particularly interested in as authentic a taste of Madrid as I possibly can... Just on a budget...

Thank you very much,


P.S. I speak Spanish quite well (even though I sound like a Colombian in it) so I would particularly like to go to some true hole in the wall joints.

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  1. You can eat quite well at various tapas restaurants. I'd stay away from Mercado San Miguel -- prices seemed high (same goes for anything in Plaza Mayor) For tapas, try some of the caves/mesons on c/ Cuchilleros (Meson de la Guitarra and Meson de Champinon, for example). Stick to La Latina/Cava Baja or Plaza Santa Ana for tapas and Lavapies for ethnic (middle eastern, indian). Do not miss Casa Mingo on Po. de Florida for dynamite roasted chicken and Asturian Cider. If you want to explore sherry on the cheap, La Venencia on c/Echegaray is the place to try it (don't expect more than sherry, cheese and olives, though)...great, old world atmosphere. Also, Bodegas de la Ardosa in c/ colon has a great, though more modern atmosphere. Try to eat like the Spaniards and search out the best menu del dia (3 courses) wherever you find yourself at 2-4 in the afternoon. These are often the best deals and will be of great value if you consider this your biggest meal of the day.

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      Thanks for the quick response.

      La Venencia sounds incredibly interesting. What are prices around?

      It doesn't help that I don't know where I'll be staying just yet, but when I do I'll post it.

      What are some specific specialty dishes I should be on the look out for?


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        i completely second la venencia! order gorgonzola spread on bread and olives..good for a light lunch.....all the sherrys are amazing...

        this may be non foodie but museo de jamon? fantastic. you can order at the counter- by picture on the menu - a huge plate of serrano jam , a bucket of bread and cheese. also they serve a great beer on wont spend more than 7-10 euros for a complete jam and cheese with beer lunch

        1. re: missmar79

          La Venencia is great. Just know that it's not really a place for eating. It's an old-world sherry bar. So great place to go before dinner, have some sherry, and maybe some (basic but good) tapas: olives, chorizo, salchichón, cheese.

      2. La Burbuja Que Rie @ c/Angel 16. in La Latina M° Puerto de Toledo. open Sunday. Good fabada Y Cidra, cheap, studenty place. Perfect food for this time of year. If you stay away from mariscos & Pata negra you'll have a better shot at maintaining your budget. Compared to NYC (Manhattan_, wine is a great deal, a glass of wine in most bars will run on average 2-3 euros, and most house wines are pretty good, excepting the house pour @ Casa Abuelo. It's awful stuff

        1. Hey all,

          I'll be close to La Latina.


          1. It was in Madrid that I first came across the Tortilla Butty! Half a baguette filled with tortilla - lovely and a dirt cheap filling lunch ...

            1. Hey all,

              So far we managed one outrageously snowy day (though nothing stuck.) We got some walking done but it essentially crippled us pluuus we narrowly missed lunch time at bloody La Burbuja Que Rie. Eh, probably trying again for the one today.