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Jan 1, 2010 09:31 PM

Neighborhood cafe above West 96th street?

I'm looking for a place I can go early in the morning, get a cup of coffee, and work for a couple of hours without feeling guilty for taking up space.

This place should:

1. Be near an A/C-train stop above 96th street (1 train is fine if it's got everything else)
2. Have great coffee
3. Have (more than one) cold and hot breakfast options (like croissant/scone/muffin or ham&cheese croissant) for <$6


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  1. Try SIP on Amsterdam near 109th, though I don't know when they open.

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    1. re: rteplow

      Looks great. I'll try it on Monday.

    2. Nussbaum and Wu (B'way and 116th, close to the 1 train) is a popular haunt for Columbia students and has a number of hot breakfast offerings: The coffee isn't *great*, but I honestly don't know of a place in northern Manhattan that does serve truly great coffee. In any event, N&W's coffee is passable. A lot of folks loiter and read / play Farmville before class, so you shouldn't feel bad for working there.

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      1. re: cimui

        Actually Nussbaum & Wu is on 113th on Broadway, but yeah, it's definitely one of those places people hang around forever like Hungarian Pastry Shop. LOL @ Farmville comment.

        I like SIP quite a bit, but I can't comment on their coffee or any other places' since I'm not a coffee drinker. All the places in the thread, you can hang around for an hour or two no problem.

      2. Cafe Amrita on W. 110th between Manhattan and Frederick Douglas is a good spot. They have free wireless (except on weekends; I think they got rid of it because too many people were camping out), good coffee (although I'm not a connoisseur), and a lot of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options, as well as a bar, flat screens, and a book exchange.

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        1. re: manhattanvalleyite

          I second the vote for Cafe Amrita- Great hang

        2. How far uptown are you? There are some great coffee places in Wash Hts -- lots of Dominican and Cuban places with great breakfast specials built around eggs and potatoes and plaintains and.... Used to get great strong cortaditos at Mambi, and there's a popular place called Tipico where I bet they'd let you sit for awhile. Those places are close to the A at 175th and B'way. Also a nice-looking place called Milan near there, too. A new place that looks like it'll be kind of a Nussbaum & Wu is opening up on 165 and St. Nicholas, but I don't know when.