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Jan 1, 2010 09:29 PM

Guntersville, AL dining ideas?

Hey everybody,

I'm spending next week in Guntersville, AL with my inlaws and I'm looking for dining recomendations for the area. Any kind of food suggestions are welcome, but I'm particularly interested in places that serve BBQ or boiled crawfish since I don't get that stuff much back home. Othere kinds of traditional southern food would be good too. We're renting a house and will have access to a full kitchen, so takeout and do-it-yourself ideas are welcome.

We're driving in from Vicksburg, Miss., so if there are any BBQ joints or other places to hit along the way please pass along those ideas too. Thanks!

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    1. re: Brawny

      I had forgotten that Top of the River had a place out in Guntersville. Thank you for the reminder.

      If this location is as good as the one in Gadsden, this should be a great place for dinner for traditional catfish and southern style sides. Gotta love the standard serving of cornbread and coleslaw before dinner.

    2. You're a little out of the traditional range of timing and locale on the crawfish. Some places may have them but I would not count on them regularly until early March.

      1. Top of the River is good all around seafood, mostly fried.

        Wintzells's is pretty good with a little wider slection of fish than TOTR. If you like oysters, the broiled sampler platter is a good thing to try.

        The Glover is good for lunch...their corn chowder is good on a cold day like we've been having lately.