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Jan 1, 2010 08:44 PM

Best of Boston 2009

Reading a lot of best of the decade, best of 2009, etc articles lately and thought a chowhound topic would be interesting. So one of each...

Best Meal of 2009:

Best Restauraunt High End of 2009:

Best Restaurant Low End of 2009:

Best Chef of 2009:

Best New Chef of 2009:

Best Bartender or 2009:

Best Cocktail at a Restaurant 2009:

Best Wine at a Restaurant of 2009:

Best Wildcard of 2009:

Lets hear bostons chowhound opinons

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  1. Great topic! All right, here goes:

    Best Meal of 2009: bucatini carbonara at Metropolis, South End

    Best Restaurant High End of 2009: Not quite high-end, but The Blue Ox in Lynn

    Best Restaurant Low End of 2009: Strip-T's, Watertown

    Best Chef of 2009: the husband-wife tandem at Alia Ristorante in Winthrop

    Best New Chef of 2009: Matt O'Neil (Blue Ox)

    Best Wildcard of 2009: Thaitation, Fenway neighborhood

    1. Best Meal 2009: spinach gnudi at Il Casale

      Best Low End Restaurant 2009: Friendly Toast

      Best Wildcard 2009: The Madame Lillet cocktail, cheese plate and baguette, and apple caramel cake at Gaslight