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Jan 1, 2010 08:23 PM

Comparable to Pio Pio in taste and value?

Going to dinner tonight with a girlfriend who doesn't eat red meat or pork, only poultry and seafood. Pio Pio is our default restaurant of choice because the chicken is great and so are the prices. We are looking for another restaurant of the same caliber, great food at a good value. Only requirement is it must be in Manhattan and not too seafood-heavy as we may have a guest with allergies joining us. Please help!

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  1. a Turkish place will have something for everyone. not sure which neighborhood you'd prefer, but off the top of my head you've got Uskudar or Beyoglu on the UES, and Turkish Kitchen or Ali Baba in Murray Hill/Gramercy.

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      Turkish is a great option, and in case you're looking for something on the UWS, I love Zeytin, though it's a tiny bit on the pricey side (but worth it). A terrific and fairly inexpensive option is Bodrum, also on the UWS. Cafe con Leche is another fantastic and very cheap place that should meet your criteria.