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Jan 1, 2010 07:41 PM

New Deal ~ New Years

I only make it here a couple of times a year.

New Years Eve is quite the adventure. I walked in to about 30 people in line. And proceeded to wait while rubbernecking to see the offerings of the day. My mission ~ TUNA. After a half hour the Japanese gentleman in front of me went to check his meter. I knew then I too had a ticket. It was cheaper then the tuna by the pound! LOL!

Well he and I finally bellied up to the bar to order 3lbs of beautiful Big Eye Tuna. Out they went to the truck to bring in OUR tuna for the first cut. With an elder japanese fatherly authority, my companion in line told the fish cutter, " She will have center cut as well."

It was a beautiful tuna moment. Lots of fun people in line and lots of laughing and joking behind the lines. A true celebration of the sea.

In the midst of it, I dropped a bottle of Ponzu sauce for gyoza. That made all 30 laugh! It was a magical food shopping day of the most superior product - the second cut of that lovely big eye tuna.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment. Isn't it great how friendly people are in shops that supply the best from the world of food. They share recipes, tips and help those who have question marks in their eyes.

    The shopping experience was perfect. How was the tuna?

    Did you notice any Maine shrimp with heads on at New Deal? That's my quest this week. If they are still jumping that would be perfection.


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    1. re: BostonZest

      Shopping here is just a joy. I got the best halibut I've ever had and wonderful bronzino. The mussels are noticeably better than those I've tried elsewhere, even at Captain Mardens which is my other go-to place. Plus, where else can you go across the street for fabulous eggs and very good chicken and rabbit? And then down the block for the best Italian cream cake? I grew up in Brooklyn, where each neighborhood had its characteristic food and, while the Boston area may not be as big, It is a joy to find each neighborhood's great stuff, from Watertown to East Boston and a treat to be able to shop for really good food.

      1. re: BostonZest

        Boats haven't been able to go out for almost two weeks now, so Maine shrimp aren't in the markets right now. We are hopeful that this week our CSF will be able to deliver once again.

        1. re: smtucker

          Actually, the CSF only canceled 3 days last week due to weather. They delivered shrimp on Tuesday while Thursday and Friday were scheduled holidays.

          If you are hoping for a Monday delivery, I'd say your chances are zero. The marine forecast is for gale winds through Sunday night and 20 knot WNW winds on Monday. All that wind make for *very* choppy seas. But the seas could be back down to 3' by Tuesday morning and stay that way for the rest of the week.

          1. re: azra

            My error. I thought I saw more tweets than that.... and yes, Monday is close to hopeless at this point. I am going through fish-withdrawal. Had to stop into Courthouse twice recently. They were happy to see me again.

      2. didn't notice shrimp - just call them! they did have Martha's Vineyard bay scallops which I would have liked to try. the mussels looked fantastic - from Maine.

        the big eye was fantastic. I have had on piece on ice in my fridge to sear for tonights dinner of truffled mash and garlicky soy spinach.