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Jan 1, 2010 06:41 PM

Passion Fish - Excellent Seafood

We went to Passion Fish in Reston Town Center for New Year's Eve where they were offiering a prix fixe menu - 3 course plus amuse. The restaurant itself is clean and modern, but not stuffy at all. Anyone dining there could be comfortable in jeans or dressier in suits. We were seated immediated and received the crostini with whitefish spread. Different, but tasty. The first one I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but by my 3rd slice, I was in love. The flavors were mild, but something kept bringing me back. The amuse was a mixture of fish, clams, and mussels wrapped into a spring roll wrapper. Was thinking it sounded funky, but it actually went wonderfully together. I ordered the bucket of fried ipswich clams. SO good!!! There were a few thinly sliced pickles that were lightly fried - surprisingly tasty. Hubby ordered the Capt N Crunch sushi roll and practically devoured it. Crab and corn chowder was good. My husband wanted to take home a quart of it. Only thing I didn't like about it was the red peppers (since I'm not a fan). Our other companion chose the crab and shrimp spring rolls - 3 in an order - she said they were awesome. Shrimp etouffe got good reviews, too. For dinner, the scallops were huge and sweet. The homemade pasta was light and brothy, with bacon flavorings throughout. The crabcakes were definitely the best I've tasted. Barely any filler. Lemon Beurre Blanc sauce on the side. It was so good!! My husband's surf and turf was a 7 oz ny strip steak topped with a 5 oz lobster tail mixture and hollandaise sauce. Heavenly! Desserts were also good. Donut holes with expresso bavarian cream, caramel creme brulee, and chocolate mousse with praline crust. Oh, and don't forget, the rocky road fudge pieces you get with the bill, as if you aren't stuffed enough! lol

The only minor complaint I can say is that service sometimes took a bit long in between course. Other than that, we throughly enjoyed our meal, the atmosphere, and night out. I highly recommended anyone who loves seafood to go here for a SPECIAL OCCASION. You'll be paying a lot of money, but the food is worth it! My husband is hard to please with restaurants and he gave 5 stars to Passion FIsh.,

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    1. Passion Fish is very good. Thank you for posting about the scallops as I was torn between those and the Lobster Clay Pot (OMG delicious!) the last time I visited, guess what won?

      1. Your clams remind me of one time at Kinkead's when they served clams came with sliced, battered lemon rounds, fried along with the clams. They were wonderful. :-)

        1. Went back to Passion Fish for Restaurant Week lunch. Loved that the lunch menu was so much different than the dinner menu. We saw the waiter we had on NYE and he came over to say hello; came back at the end of our meal to see what we had ordered. The RW menu is a choice of appetizer (salad, ceviche, the soups, and trio of sushi). I got the lobster buttersquash bisque. It's was not what I was expecting. Very good for people who like comforting food with squash. My husband wasn't a fan. It didn't taste like traditional lobster bisque. My sis-in-law got the ceviche. She said it was "good, but very citrusy." It hit her in the back of her mouth. Husband got the crab and corn chowder again and still loved it. For entrees - I got fish tacos - 3 huge fried filets with all the fixings... LOVED the guacamole! I could only eat 2 of them. SIL got the miso glazed salmon with schezuan eggplant - said the eggplant made the dish. Loved it! The other two got the crabcake sandwich w/ old bay tartar (tasty! I don't normally like tartar) with sweet potato fries. YUM again! Glad we could go for RW.

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            I wanted to chime in to mention that Passion Fish gets a huge thumbs up for being friendly to well-behaved children. Their kids menu includes a number of mocktails and seafood dishes. The wait staff have been unfailingly gracious to our daughter on all visits.