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Jan 1, 2010 06:25 PM

Goose Eggs?

I read something recently about goose eggs, bigger than duck or chicken, and wondered if these are available in the Boston area. I asked at Savenors, where I have bought duck eggs, and they haven't provided them.

I wonder if any Chowhounds have seen goose eggs for sale in the Boston area?


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  1. check your local Whole Foods Market - some locations stock them.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks, I've never seen them before there. Have you seen them in any of the Whole Food in the Boston area?

      1. re: steinpilz

        no, but then again i've never been in any of the Boston stores :) i've seen them in various locations around NJ & NY so i figured you might have some luck in your 'hood. call around and ask.

    2. I am looking for goose eggs as well -- this is the season. I am allergic to eggs from chickens, but not from geese! My sister-in-law sometimes has them at this time of year, but they are trying to scare off their geese, not become a goose-egg farm.

      My understanding is that just after the female lays the eggs, she leaves the nest for a time (a day??), then comes back to nest. Once she is back, she defends her nest fiercely, so gathering goose eggs must depend on that magic moment.

      Yes, they are best scrambled...taste slightly different than chicken eggs and one makes a large portion. I have never seen them at Whole Foods in the western burbs, but could buy them in season at a food coop when we lived in Pittsburgh.