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Jan 1, 2010 05:25 PM

PALM SPRINGS Restaurant Recommendations Please!

We are visiting PS for the first time and would appreciate a few restaurant and wine bar recommendations.

Our tastes run toward the higher-end. We would like to experience the best fine dining restaurant in PS, but also a couple more hidden/local spots.

Any recommendations of wine bars also appreciated.


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  1. My favorite in Palm Springs is Le Vallauris.
    Gorgeous patio with food and wine list to match.
    Wally's Desert Turtle in Rancho Mirage is quite good..very pricey.
    Shame on the Moon in Rancho Mirage is a local place that is quite good.
    Norma's at the Parker in Palm Springs for breakfast is quite good.
    Sherman's for one of the best Kosher deli's in Palm Springs/Palm Desert.

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      We're Philly Chowhounds who spend a couple of weeks each January in Palm Springs. We love Johannes -- we think it's about the best in the area for food. We love Norma's at the Parker -- wwe ate breakfast there almost every day last year. We also like Citron, which is in a hotel a couple of blocks from the museum. They have a great Sunday brunch. Cuistot is good and expensive French food (in Palm Desert).

      1. re: Beulah

        I had the best dinner of my life at Johannes 2 or 3 years ago. Is it still good? I think I heard of ownership shuffle, but would love to go back when we are back in PS.

        1. re: waver

          Johannes still as good as ever and as far as I know, no ownership change. He is still there cooking.

          1. re: psfoodgirl

            Thanks for the info, clearly I was misinformed. Hopefully we will be able to squeeze it in before we go. We had a great meal at Zin's offshoot, Zini Cafe Med, instead. Reasonably priced and very good. But, re OP's interests, not hidden away as it is right next to the Follies.

      2. re: Beach Chick

        I will second Beach Chick on Le Vallauris and Wally's. Old school service and excellent food and wine list.

        Have not had the same experience at Cuistot, very uneven both service and food. YMMV.

      3. When we were in PS last, our best dinners were at Copleys on the Square and Matchbox. Shermans, suggested by Beach Chick is reliable, but if you are used to NY deli you will probably be disappointed. (And, although it is Jewish style, it is by no means "Kosher." There's bacon & sausage available for breakfast, Reuben sandwiches, etc.)

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          Wally's Desert Turtle is a very formal venue, we loved our experience there. BluEmber @ the RAncho Las Palmas Resort was another very nice place for a meal in this area, we dined out on the patio in the evening, there was live music and twinkle lights in the trees, very nice ambiance at BluEmber and excellent service. :)

        2. This is not high-end .. but it's local and outstanding: JJ's Oasis Latino. Authentic Mexican (think complex chile sauces) ... and superb flan...Give it a try....1550 North Palm Canyon Dr....

          1. My family and I had reservations at Wally's for Christmas eve. We thought it would be fun to find some place in the Cochella Valley was elegant, but relaxing. We found 'Miro's' on Open Table and by the end of the meal we considered finding Miro's an extra Christmas gift to ourselves! The service was incredible! Our waiter told us he was working there pt-- but his knowledge of the cuisine and wine menu were equal to that of a seasoned vet in the serving world! I had a duck with a dried cherry sauce and our table also included the salmon and the lamb stew. For real, everything was great!

            Please add MIRO'S to your list!