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Caterers in SD?

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I work for a nonprofit and am always disappointed at what we can afford (they r fundraisers!) for what we get.

All i ask for is a decent quantity (i always plan for 20% above the guest count and so we should not be running out of food 30 minutes into an event right?, and while I don't expect the quality of product that I would serve at my own home(again cost prohibitive) but it should be decent and for service,should empty plates/glasses ever be left on a table more than a few minutes?

We have had to cater our own lately, and while we get rave reviews.(people asking for the caterers card) and the food is plentiful etc.. its such hard work and staff is so busy handling the food needs we cant mingle with the guest!, which we should be doing.

Any referrals? Ideas..help!

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  1. Super Cocina does a great job with catering, and they are very reasonably priced.

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      Thanks so much Josh. I will contact them.