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Jan 1, 2010 04:30 PM

How long will salmon (lox) last? I think it is cured or smoked.

I've had in my fridge for over a week. I used some back then for lox and bagels and then re-wrapped tightly and put back in fridge. Is it still okay? It smells okay? Is the turkey still okay a week later? I meant to cut it all up, etc. etc. but didn't. I feel so guilty.

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  1. If the lox smells okay, it's okay. Bad lox stinks. Bad. The Russ & Daughters guys from whom I buy my lox say five days is the max, but I think that's over-cautious.

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    1. I agree with small h, and it can be frozen for long periods without substantial deterioration.

      1. I've gotten more than a week out of belly lox (the salty kind). It keeps rather well if wrapped properly. Don't know about less salty versions (Nova, Scottish, etc.); I like them but prefer what I grew up with. 5 days does seem overly cautious to me.

        1. The rule of thumb is one week after exposing it to air, but I'd go up to two if it seems fresh.

          1. Today for lunch I had about 2 oz smoked salmon. It's quite salty and it's from Northern Ireland. I opened the vacuum pack on a huge half fish fillet for Easter dinner and that was 3 weeks ago and a day. No bad effects whatsoever (7 hrs later). I have it in a baggy inside a glass dish because it's so oily. It is still delicious.

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