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Jan 1, 2010 03:57 PM

Sushi in Larchmont Village/Hancock Park?

My wife and I just moved to the Larchmont Village area. We're used to eating sushi in Little Tokyo or in the Valley. I noticed that there were two sushi restaurants on Larchmont Blvd but don't know anything about them. Does anyone endorse these restaurants or can recommend another sushi spot within a 5-10 minute drive?


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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! Personally, I would avoid those places on Larchmont. But, really, I guess it depends on what kind of sushi you like. If you are into rolls then I think you may dig those places. But if you prefer more traditional sushi then you should try Noshi Sushi on Hobart and Beverly (about 1 mile east of Larchmont). It is a pretty popular neighborhood place for moderately priced, well-prepared sushi. Cash only, I believe.

    1. I have lived within walking distance of Larchmont Village for more than 5 years, and would concur with the previous post. I frequently go to "CA sushi roll" but do not expect great sushi. They do have decent food, good waitstaff, but I would not go for the fish. Personally, I would recommend rolls, or the yellowtail collar (order diakon). They have a nice couples special. Kiku sushi is also ok, but not stellar. Anyway, I have been a few times and it is not bad, just not great. For really good sushi, try Sushi Ike at Hollywood and Gower. Order the Grilled Octopus, Salmon-2-ways (bar only) and Japanese Scallop. The usual fish is excellent. Omakase will set you back between $100-150 for 2 people and is what we always get.

      1. We moved to Larchmont about two months ago, and tried the two restaurants on Larchmont Blvd. Now we're back to driving to Little Tokyo to get our fix. Sorry the news isn't better.

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          Based on one sample from several years ago, I have to go along with the other recommendations against. Krab-&-Mayo rolls predominate. Sushi Ike on Hollywood and Gower (?) is closer than either J-town or the Valley and is good, though parking can be iffy.

        2. Noshi is fine, for "everyday" sushi; there's rarely anything beyond the "basics" available, and they're cash only. Price point is as good as anything on Larchmont. There's a number of "Korean style sushi" places along Western; J. Gold's talked 'em at length. Other than that, it's up to Hollywood, or over to J-Town you must go...

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            ya find any post by J. Gold--he dominates this board obviously I keep seeing him being mentioned! LOVE IT!!!! :)~

          2. Head north on Gower about five minutes to Hollywood Blvd. where on the NE corner you'll find Ike Sushi. Best in the area for my money.

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                Add me to the Ike lovers. I've been going for years and have never had a bad meal. Always fresh, delish and a good buy.