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Jan 1, 2010 03:53 PM

Suggestions for Dry Sherry?

I have 2 bottles in my fridge. Too sweet to drink. :( Don't really know what to do with it.

However! I just came up with something sooo yummy to share! Came up with the idea after seeing some sherry cream sauce recipes on food network site.

Balsalmic & garlic dipping oil (Safeway olive oil blend)
Length of Kielbalsa (polish sausage, I use turkey)
Diced onion & garlic
Salt, Pepper
Frozen Corn
Fontinella cheese
dry sherry
half & half

I sauteed the garlic & onion in the oil and added the kielbalsa, salt & pepper. Once it was done the way I like it, I added a bunch of frozen corn. Sauteed that a bit, then poured some dry sherry in it, cooked that a bit, then grated fontinella cheese, then a bit of half & half to make it creamy.

I was cooking for a single serving, and not measuring, but it was sure yummy! I snipped some green onion over it before serving.

Next time I'd like to toss in some roasted broccoli. :)

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  1. Sherry, being a fortified wine, need not be refrigerated. Sweet sherry is usually served with dessert ans can be used in cooking e.g., to moisten a trifle.

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      And dry sherry , such as a fino or manzanilla, is a classic to drink with soup, if not having it as an aperitif (for which I would chill a manzanilla)

      Some recipe suggestions here:

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        Fortified wines will stay more fresh when stored in the refrigerator.

      2. Prepare a bechamel, (with nutmeg) substitute heavy cream for half the milk and add a bit of dry sherry. Mix about half of it with shredded cooked chicken, onion and a bit of cheese, roll the chicken mixture in some crepes (pancakes will work), cover the remaining sauce and bake until bubbly; sprinkle more cheese on top and continue baking until cheese is melted and begins to brown.

        1. Bratdawg: I don't understand...your heading says "dry sherry" and yet you say it's too sweet to drink. Dry sherry isn't sweet

          A great recipe using sherry is Chicken or Turkey Tetrazini. It's a dish made up of mushrooms, chicken, pasta, and a creamy sauce using sherry. The whole thing is baked with bread crumbs on top. It'd rich but deelish.

          I'm sure there are recipes online.

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            I bought "dry sherry" some time in the dim past for something. Then forgot I had it and bought it again. I tried just drinking a glass of it and it was a bit too sweet for my taste. Hate to waste it tho!

            All of your ideas are making me hungry! :D

            I don't eat much seafood, either, although I like beer battered fish fillets and possibly scallops. Going to try scallops this week - with one of these sauces and sherry! :D Any of them would be good with chicken too.

          2. I'm not a fan of sherry as a drink, but used in cooked dishes it's fantastic. Grill up some pork chops, deglaze the pan with sherry, add a little cream and sauteed mushrooms. Truly tasty.

            1. I always put a little sherry in lentil soup. Sometimes I'll add it to winter squash soups, too. It's also great for deglazing your pan after sauteeing chicken or pork (makes a good pan sauce.) And sometimes I add a splash to sauteed mushrooms. I think it goes well with earthy, fall/winter flavors.