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Jan 1, 2010 02:44 PM

Cochon ----what to order?

Planning on dining with 2 others at Cochon during a weekday lunch but I've heard that one should stick to the appetizers and not the entrees? I wouldn't mind sharing several plates among our group. Recommendations please! For dessert as well.

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  1. We just went there and I/we very much enjoyed the paneed pork cheeks, boudin, the gumbo and the pineapple upside down cake.

    1. the oyster roast and fried rabbit livers are amazing, as are the ribs and hogshead cheese. the entrees are very good as well though, if you get one try the cochon or the ham hocks

      1. I went to Cochon last year during Jazz Fest. It was the best meal of my trip. Had the Oyster Roast appetizer and had some great pork dish for dinner. Also a wonderful coconut cake for dessert. Highly recommend!

        1. I'd go with the pork, at all costs.



          1. I was there the other day and had rabbit and dumplings and it was really excellent. Just perfect - comfort food at its best.

            Instead of only small plates, why not get hungry and share some small plates and then progress to mains?