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Jan 1, 2010 02:06 PM

Need eating suggestions for 3 week trip to Colombia

I am going on a trip to Colombia in about a week - will be in Bogota, Villa de Leyva, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Parque Tayrona, Medellin and Manizales. Would definitely appreciate suggestions on places to eat. Maybe one or two fancy places, but mostly local, authentic eating experiences. I speak Spanish fluently so out of the ordinary places are more than welcome. Thank you!

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  1. You MUST eat at Andrés Carne de Rés. This place is a carnivore's paradise, but at the same time the food is adventurous and eclectic. It is located in Chia, Colombia- which is not far from Bogota and worth the trip. Have fun!

      1. Second Andres Carne de Res. As kashmere28 says, it is worth the trip. The place itself is a trip. This place is unique. Their website is Have fun!

        1. If you have the time to make it out to Chia, you should go, but the Andres near Andino in Zona Rosa is a serious rumba. Dance, eat, party, enjoy la noche Bogotana.

          The comida corrientes are the place to get the local food. They are all over Zona Rosa and Centro in Bogota. All kinds of sanchochos,ajiaco, sobrebarriga, bandeja paisa, and many regional dishes. Enjoy the various style of empanadas, tamales, pandebonos at the cigarerias/loncherias.

          Fragatta Fish Market for upscale Atlantic Coast cuisine.

          Go to San Vitorino near La Candelaria for street food. Chicharron with arepas and plantains, morcillas and bofe(lungs),lechona(whole roast pig stuffed with rice), arepas from Boyaca, arepas de huevo, de choclo. Try chocolate with a Colombian tamale at La Puerta Falsa in La Candelaria.

          La Bonga del Sinu in Zona Rosa for Llano cuisine. Get the punta de anca and tetas de la vaca(udders) steaks.

          Get a Super Perro with quail eggs on the street.

          Vasija de Barro de la 82
          is a nice comida corriente on cl 82 15-37
          go to these place at mid day for a multi course meal, very cheap.

          Where are you staying?I was just there last week.

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            Excellent, thank you! I have already made reservations for Andres, in Chia as I heard it is the real deal. I am staying in a hotel a Colombian friend of mine booked for me called Virrey Park on Carrera 15. Thank you for the suggestions, I will comment on my way back.

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              Report back about the original. I know it has a slightly different menu, the Chia location. The one on Bogota has 4 floors of puro pari, Infierno, Tierra, Purgatorio, and Cielo.

              I was with a friend I've known for years having great food, dancing, and muchos tragos.She had never been, and another friend I met was with us too. All three of us loved the place and had a blast. If your friend has a car it's only about 45 minutes to Chia.

              Monserratte has traditional foods near the souvenirs booths, but not neceassarily the best. It was ok. Had a tamale Tolimense(chicken with bones carrots, garbanzos) and morcillo, bofe(lung), and papa criolla( small potatoes) atop the mountain. They were good, just not as good as you'll find out of a tourist attraction. There were many stalls, and some might be better, but had to try that bofe.

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                Smoked lung is one of the good things one can get in the local supermarkets like la14 in Colombia - so you can even have bofe dishes at home.

          2. In Cartagena, try Quebracho in the old city at Calle Baloco N° 2-69. It is an Argentine beef place - great baby beef. A bit upscale for Colombia - maybe $20 for dinner not including drinks. There is a big stuffed bull at the door. In the old city, there are lots of good restaurants. Not much of note in Bocagrande.

            In Medellin, there is Majaviejo on Las Palmas, just across the road from the Intercontinental Hotel. Great Paisa food - kind of upscale but my favorite restaurant in Medellin.

            Santa Marta is not very fancy. Can't remember any memorable restaurants but I suggest checking out the waterfront in El Rodadero. This is a very popular Colombian holiday destination - lots of eateries.

            The drive to Villa de Leyva is pretty scary. Make sure you take a camera and get some photos of the yellow "Head on Collision" warning signs. They are for real - several people are killed on that stretch of road every week. There are lots of restaurants around the town square. And make sure who ever is driving takes their time and drives carefully. You don't want to become a statistic.

            It's really interesting to drive from Bogota to Tunja and on to Leyva. Tunja is higher and colder than Bogota while Leyva is 1200 meters lower and is quite warm. You can go from winter to summer in a 130 km drive.

            I don't think you can go wrong with the food in Colombia. I can't really really remember a bad meal, even in cheap restaurants. In Bogota, there is a chain called "Sopas de Mama y Postres mi Abuela". Great Ajiaco! If you need a burger fix, there is "El Corral" with great burgers but expensive. You can get a good steak for the price of a Corral burger.

            For coffee, try Juan Valdez or Oma. Many locations.

            Have fun !

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              Had great chicken heats and papa criolla and sancocho de pescado at Sopas de Mama.

              El Corral is everywhere, nice looking branch in the Candelaria. I agree, so many good eats.