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Jan 1, 2010 12:39 PM

Where can I get the best ramen in NYC?

I just discovered fresh ramen in Dec '09 and made visiting ramen houses in NYC (outer boroughs included) a priority. In my opinion Ippudo is the best but I suspect that there is a world of NYC ramen out there that I have yet to explore. So far I have been to Minca, Rai Rai Ken, Ramen Setagaya, Zuzu Ramen, Terakawa Ramen and Ajisen Ramen. Are there any others out there I should try? In your opinion who makes the best ramen in NYC?

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  1. I like Menchanko Tei located at 43-45 W. 55th (between 5th and 6th). They also have great dumplings.

    1. We still love men kui tei best compared to Ippudo, minca, setagay and terakawa but have yet to go to menchanko te or rai rai. Recommend the pork broth with extra pork as they have great pork. Their miso broth is ok (minca's may be better) and the special fish broth (see white piece of paper on the wall) is also tasty.

      Men Kui Tei
      60 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

      1. Thanks for the recommendations! I will check those both out in the next couple of weeks. Please keep the recommendations coming. I want to check out every ramen place in the city in 2010.

        1. I've tried many of the more "upscale" ramen shops, but still haven't found one I like as much as Sapporo, on West 49th near Broadway. Specifically the porky-miso-y Sapporo Special Ramen. It's hearty, earthy, and heavenly on a cold winter's night. A bit of a whole-in-the-wall for atmosphere, but that's part of its charm.

          1. For my money after Ippudo and Terakawa, the only other ramen place worth trying is Santouka at Mitsuwa marketplace in Edgewater, NJ - which also makes tonkotsu style broth. I also like Setagaya when I want something lighter. And I will respectfully disagree re: Sapporo - I've been there a few times and don't care for their oily, tasteless broth and dry, overcooked chashu.
            If you don't mind late night eating, go to Tsukushi - which is not a ramen-ya, but rather a prix-fixe 'home-style' (washoku? Better Japanese-speakers can confirm the appropriate term) restaurant - after 10PM and ask for a bowl of their ramen - at least that's the only time I've ever been able to have it. It's really good - not as heavy as tonkotsu but still rich. I believe it has a higher ratio of chicken stock. Anyway, happy noodling.

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              And you can add this to the list of places you may want to try: