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Need restaurant suggestions for dinner with friends in West LA

We moved from LA about 4 years ago and we're coming back for a few days at the end of January. We have one night to get together with friends (a total of 8-10 people-none of the couples know the other couples). We'll be staying the Marina and everyone lives in West LA. I'd like a restaurant that could accommodate a group that size and that would be quiet enough so we can really catch up with everyone. This is a group of folks who enjoy eating. I want everyone to be happy with the food but it's not necessarily the primary focus of the evening. Somewhere with a big booth or even a private room would be great but not absolutely necessary. I'm open to all kinds of suggestions although I do think that Chinese gets kind of complicated.

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  1. Definitely consider reserving the back room at Musha in Santa Monica.

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      Don't know Musha. What kind of food?

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          Musha is off the beaten track Japanese- not sushi but cooked Japanese food and many appetizers. Very good, somewhat expensive.

        1. if everyone in your group would be open to seafood prepared in the style of sinaloa/nayarit,
          mariscos chente has a booth that would accommodate your group.
          whenever i've brought groups this size there, upon entering, i immediately order a mojara fritta (sp?) and a pescado zarandeado for 'the table.' then have everyone order their own stuff in addition.

          be aware that this is a mom and pop place that really only serves seafood, soft drinks, and beer.
          that said, their food is phenomenal, and their price/quality and price/quantity ratios are unbelievably good.
          there are many, many, chowhound threads about this place.

          1. for persian food (many skewered dishes), you could have the folks at shamshiri grill (on westwood blvd north of santa monica blvd) set your party up in their patio area: great price/quantity and price/quality ratios, too.

            for italien, antica pizzaria in the marina will set up a table for you but be sure you have a reservation for this.
            despite it's name and location on the second story of a shopping center, the food and ambiance here is good.

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              Tavern would seem to be a good choice. i have been with a group of 12 in the main dining room and we were very comfortable and conversation was possible without shouting. Menu had something for everyone, including a couple of vegetarians. Everyone in the party was pleased with the food and the ambiance.

              1. Thanks for the suggestions. We were looking for moderate price so most of these fit. We'll just have to figure out what kind of food.

                New Trial- What's the room like at Wilshire?

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                  Wilshire actually has a private room off the back patio that would work for your group. Otherwise, the patio is beautiful and typically has plenty of heat lamps if it's a cold night. I don't love the inside space as much.

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                    See if you can get the big table on the patio, which is a really cool place to sit. But be forewarned, one of the people who takes reservations (blonde lady) is REALLY rude. I've never had a positive interaction with her.

                  2. 2117 restaurant might be able to accomdate a group of 8-10 if you call ahead? It's relatively quiet and their food is japanese euro fusion cuisine. They have a $38 prix fixe that includes choice of any two small plates or salad and one entrée. with dessert.
                    I really enjoy their fried calamari with garlic parsley sauce and the three layered crab salad with baby greens, avocado, tomatos chive, vinaigrette & wasabi sauce.

                    I also like the backroom at Musha rec as well. You can view their menu here: http://musha.us/

                    1. westside tavern on pico in westside pavillion would be great. since you're a returner to la - you'll be amazed! by the new mall expansion and the delicious result. this place is truly tasty. prices are average, food is incredible. i really haven't tried anything that i didn't like.

                      musha is ok and a fun place to go,, but a little noisy.

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                          agree with mollyomormon, the back room at musha is not noisy at all.

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                          Unfortunately, WT does not take reservations and that might be an issue.

                        3. It turns out not as many folks can make it that night as we had hoped, but still we are making reservations at Musha. It looks right up our alley and totally unlike food that we can get in Northern Sonoma County. Thanks for the suggestions.