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Jan 1, 2010 12:16 PM

Black Currant Preserve/Jam

I really like black currant juice, black currant candies, black currant preserve -- and I have never been to Europe, less Britain.

Recently I bought one black currant preserve made by Wilkin and Son LTD, which is good. Seriously, I can eat that thing by itself. I also got one called Partidges which is also "By Appointment to Queen..." I have not tried that one, but I presume it will be great as well.

Any other brands of black currant preserve I need to know? Thanks.

* I am not 100% sure if this belong in the "General Chowhounding Topic", but then I do not see anything more appropriate*

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  1. Robertson's also make blackcurrant jam. I have never seen one by Bonne Mama or whatever the French make is called.

    If you like blackcurrants you might like Ribena - a cordial of blackcurrants or Vimto - both available online at British stores and certainly Ribena is sold in Publix with British sections.

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      First, let me say you remind me of that candy covered chocolate called "SmartieS" In fact, I bought some smarties online about 2 months ago. Great stuffs and bring back childhood memory.

      Second, yes, I know Ribena makes great black currant juice, but do you mean Ribena makes black currant jam as well? Never tried that. As for Robertson, I did a search and now remember I had Robertson jam when I was a kid. I do not remember how it tastes. Thanks.

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        hi chem
        no ribena do not make anything other than cordial (or squash as Brits call it).

        my dog is called Smartie but she was kinda named after Smarties (chosen by one of my daughters).

        When I lived in England I used to grow a lot of soft fruits in my garden, blackcurrants being one along with redcurrants, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. I used to make a mixed red fruit jam every summer about 30lbs of the stuff. God it was good I do miss that. Florida is not the place for much soft fruit except for strawberries. I also got wild strawberries back in England which my old dog used to pick off and eat. She like blackberries too but blackcurrants were too sour.

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          What is the reason why black currants cannot grow in Florida? Too humid or too warm?

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            Too warm. We can grow them here in Indiana, but only because our springs are cool. If you're in northern Florida, you might try growing one in a container. You just might get lucky. I think I'd start it indoors, though, and move it outside as soon as danger of frost (if that's a concern) has passed.

            BTW, red and white currants are sweeter then blacks, and are generally considered more desirable. (I just wrote a column on currants, and know more than I really need to,)

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              can you post your article
              btw perhaps we can do another Bamboo Fire?

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                I will attempt to cut and paste. To read the actual article, unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber.


      1. Wilkin is probably the best of the commonly available British jams. I also love blackcurrant jam - on toast for breakfast. But I buy off a small local producer who will not be in the export business.

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        1. re: Harters

          I had to buy mine online. I saw Wilkin jams in a local store, but not the black currant one. Thanks for your reply. By the way, I have never seen or tasted real black currants. :) I have seen them in pictures, but not real real black currants.

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            If you have a CostPlus world market, they usually carry Wilkin jams, including the blackcurrant ones. My local Dollar Tree carries the Danish Choice blackcurrant jam...yup for $1.

        2. if you live nearby to long island, briermere farm makes an absolutely amazing black currant jam made from their homegrown blackcurrants.

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          1. re: ossauiraty

            Hi Ossauiraty,

            Thanks. I live 2 hours drive from long island. Not really close, but not ridiculously far. If they are good, I can always place an online order. This farm, right In Riverhead, New York?


            I will also look into the Pennsylvania area for those Amish Farms. Maybe they will have black currant jams too.

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Yes, that is Briermere Farm. All of their jams are amazing and made with their fresh grown fruit. Their baked goods (pies, muffins, etc.) are also out of this world! Definitely worth the trip if you haven't been yet.....but I think they are closed for 3 weeks after Christmas. Give them a call. I think there are several farms in upstate New York that grow black currants as well, although I'm not sure if they make jam. Did you ever try the vendors at the greenmarkets in manhattan. You can check the cenyc website
              to find a list of vendors who sell jam and then call them directly to see if they ship.
              Good luck!

          2. My favourite way to enjoy pate is spread on slices of fresh french bread, with a dollop of black currant jelly on top. However, in Toronto, you usually have to haunt gourmet type groceries to find small jars with inordinate price tags.

            Lately, my local low-rent ("No Frills") grocery has been carrying a Croatian variety which is surprisingly good and surprisingly inexpensive. It's packaged by S&F foods, and they also offer other unusual flavours such as gooseberry and rosehip.