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Jan 1, 2010 12:09 PM

Esoteric Raw Bar question - my 5-year old son....

Go figure. My 5-year old little guy likes to stick his hands in the raw clams and shove them into his mouth. I tried talking to him about oysters but his immeidate response was:"No way Papi, just clams". So, here is the question: I am taking him to his first Rangers game tomorrow at MSG. We live in Brooklyn. Raw bar after the game (late afternoon/early evening). Was thinking Blue Ribbon, noticed that AquaGrill closed between like 4pm and 6pm. Would like to try to introduce the big man to raw bars in general and hope to get him to try oysters. Need a low key kind of place. Any other ideas? As always, thanks for the help, Happy New Year and Go Buckeyes.....

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    1. Tracks is in Penn Station, has a very fine raw bar, and is as low key as the day is long.

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        I'm very fond of Tracks. We've been back and forth to NJ more than usual lately, it's a convenient place to stop, and their oysters are impeccable. Burger is also v good. They make a damn fine spicy Bloody Mary. (Our usual waitress Mary is a sweetie.)

      2. It is a little out of the way but the Oyster Bar at Grand Central might work for you

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          Agreed on the Grand Central Oyster Bar, even if it is a short walk away. I got a huge kick out of the old-school atmosphere when I was a kid, and imagine that any 5-year-old epicure would feel the same way.

        2. Kudos to the OP for encouraging experimentation to his toddler! Our restaurant has a sushi bar, and I'm always thrilled with the kids who're scarfing down raw fish -- and other exotic ingredients -- as eagerly as their food-challenged peers scarf down McNuggets, french fries and the like.

          My only concern (now, I'm not a parent so I just don't know) was with introducing a five-year-old to raw bivalves which carry bioactive buggies that maybe a 5 year old stomach's not ready to handle well. Have you told the child's pediatrician about the clams? I'll admit I'm being a bit alarmist here because I, personally, have a somewhat sensitive stomach and have gotten sick on ostensibly good shellfish -- but I keep eating it.

          The Oyster Bar in Grand Central has an elaborate display of shellfish all the time, and it's so bustling and cavernous it's kinda like going to the circus. I can see how it'd appeal a great deal to a little one. It's also noisy so he can let loose with the delighted squeals a child's wont to utter without getting anyone's nose out of joint.

          I sound like a broken record because I've mentioned The Water Club on 34th Street and the East River so many times. The half-shell selections are superb; after that for appetizer the little guy can get a great burger and fries while mom and dad dine on lobster or perhaps something a bit more modest. The staff at The Water Club will make you feel quite at home. The big reason why I *love* this place for kids is the view. What five year old can *resist* the sight of helicopters taking off and landing, ferries and tugboats floating by (their wakes crashing against the restaurant's wall).

          I've not been to Tracks in Penn Station, but if small h recommends it, I'd pay attention...

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            Gosh, thanks! I am slavishly following your comments on the ol' "$50 admission to a wedding reception" thread, just so you know.

            But wherever BillyBob is going, he's already been - that Ranger game was on Saturday.

          2. Okay, Tracks is cool. But for a 5-year old, going to Grand Central, especially at dinner time, is fantastic. For starters, if the laser show is going in the Great Hall, it's fun and educational. And right outside the Oyster Bar is the 4-way vaulted ceiling - stand in opposite corners facing the wall, and whisper - your son will hear you 50 feet away as though you were next to him. Worth the price of admission all by itself. How do I know??? My 14 year old son was once 5 - loved oysters then, still does today!!!