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Jan 1, 2010 12:07 PM

Any good Vietnamese food in north broward or south palm beach county?

I'm craving some traditional Pho vietnames soup- anyone tried the Saigon restaurant in North Broward? Any other recommendations for soup?

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  1. Saigon Cuisine is amazing. I think that's the one you're talking about. the pho is authentic and they have so many options.

    Saigon Cuisine
    1392 N State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063

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    1. re: Jenaclaree

      Im going to have to second Jen's Recommendation - When I want vietnamese its there I go...

      1. re: SaminSFL

        Let me add my voice to the chorus - when Karen and I are in the mood for Vietnamese food (which is fairly frequently) Saigon Cuisine is our go-to place. In fact we drove down from Boca this afternoon for a couple of lovely hot bowls of Pho which turns out to be the perfect dish when the temps in SOFLA drop into the 40's. We really enjoy the other items on the menu as well.

        That said, if you find yourself a little farther south in Lauderdale Lakes or want Pho on a Thursday when Saigon Cuisine is closed, then I recommend a little hole-in-the-wall called Pho Binh ( Lakes Town Center 4461 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes 33319 954-485-6079). They make some serious Pho as well.

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      1. Saigon Cusine is good, but I like Vietnamese Express Cafe better. It's on Dixie Hwy, just North of Northlake Blvd. Enjoy!

        Vietnamese Express Cafe
        531 U.S. 1
        North Palm Beach, FL 33408
        (561) 841-1313

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          FYI, I tried to go to Saigion Cuisine last week and they are closed until Feb 26, or somewhere around there, for a kitchen renovation.

          1. re: danb73

            Are you sure that you weren't at Saigon City in Lauderdale Lakes (4301 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes 33319 954-731-6488. They're in the same plaza as Silver Pond and Bangkok Palace. Karen and I went there for lunch a few weeks ago and they had signs in the windows saying they would be closed for kitchen renovations. By the way, they make a very good bowl of Pho as well. They're our new #2 place for Pho in the area.

            Saigon Cuisine is in Margate (1394 N. State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063 954-975-2426) which is further north ( ) and is, as noted above, our favorite place for Vietnamese food.

          2. re: BAFU

            Vietnamese Express Cafe in NPB is my favorite, but I've never been to any in Broward county. Summer rolls and a bun or pho can't get much better than this.

          3. My long-time favorite is Phuong Nam which is just off Commercial blvd in Tamarac (6672 NW 57th St.) They closed for a long vacation last summer and my wife and I tried all the other VN places in town, but none of them were quite as good as Phuong Nam in my opinion. The ambiance at Saigon Cuisine is certainly better, but we weren't very impressed by the food.

            I know it's a chain, but Pho Hua is now our backup restaurant, and they have some things that our favorite joint doesn't, like bun chao tom...

            For what it's worth, Pho Binh (the tiny place a block north of Silver Pond) has the same menu and prices as Phuong Nam, and I assume they have the same owner, but the food does not compare.