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good wine stores around jp, west roxbury?

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Can anyone recommend a good wine store around jp, west roxbury or roslindale (or brookeline, for that matter)? Blanchards on Centre street is fine, but I'd prefer something with a more thoughtful selection.

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  1. How about Solera on Corinth in Rozzie Square?

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      I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to make a good judgment on their selection, but the few times I've visited the store I have found the owners to be extremely helpful with their recomendations. I really appreciated the fact that they stuck to recommendations within my stated price range and did not try to sell me a more expensive bottle of wine.

    2. There's also newer wine store in Hyde Park called Albert Winestein across from Townsend's Restaurant and the Century21 office on Fairmount Ave.

      1. I like Solera, and I've found some excellent deals on wine at Macy's. Macy's doesn't necessarily seem like a wine kind of place but I actually think they're better for wine than blanchards or gary's (both of which I like for other things). And some of their sale prices on booze are astounding.

        1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll give them a try and report back.

          1. Blanchard's in West Roxbury is probably the best in the area, followed closely by the JP branch, although I have not tried Albert Wienstein's in HP. Solera does a good job with smaller, artisan wines. They carry some California, French, and Italian, but have more interesting options in the Spanish, Portugal, and "New World Wines" - i.e., South America, Australia, etc. FWIW, there is an outpost of the Wine Gallery in Dedham on Rt. 1 next to Five Guys, but I haven't been down to it.

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              Blanchards is the big one in the area.. Solera in Ros. Square is a good small shop as well.. and if you stop in Ros. Square, walk around the corner to the cheese shop - they know their stuff well..

            2. For good wines, Solera should be your first stop. The owners are very knowledgeable, and will point you in the right direction if you have questions. They won't look down on you if you want something in the $10 range. Their prices are fair. I've tried many wines solely based on telling them what I like and how much I want to pay, and they have never sold me a wine that I didn't like.

              1. If Chestnut Hill isn't out of your way, Winestone on the corner of Hammond and Route 9 is excellent. Patrick, the owner, used to be Rialto's sommelier and has a fairly individualized sleection, mostly under $24. Their special order policy is pretty cool, too: instead of a case like some places make you get, he's happy to get you one bottle.