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Mar 21, 2005 08:14 AM

Pizzicotto in Brentwood--anyone been?

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Thinking of trying Pizzicotto, the tiny Italian restaurant on San Vicente in Brentwood. Has anyone been? What do you think? Any recommended dishes?

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  1. Pizzicotto is my FAVORITE...everything is excellent, especially the gnocchi, as well as bolognese sauce, and pesto. It is a tiny restaurant, so you might want to make a res.

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      what she said, try the chicken with sun dried tom and capers - yum. some decent cheap wines.

    2. We go there often with the bf's dad, and generally like it a lot. I've usually loved the gnocchi and just about everything else, although we were there just the other week and both the bf and and I were fairly indifferent about what we had: I ordered the pasta malloredus (sp?) and found it just okay, nothing better than what we could make at home. He ordered a special pasta, something with goat cheese and sausage, and said that the flavors never really came together. His dad had a pizza with chicken and goat cheese, which was very good. The wine specials are usually quite good. Do make a reservation and make sure you request the upstairs room, otherwise you get stuck in the cramped and loud space downstairs. The upstairs space is also small, but much less hectic and noisy.

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        I agree that upstairs is better than downstairs, but in either space, do not expect a lot of peace/quiet or elbow room. When the waiters are feeling generous, they are most accomodating. I once asked what they could whip up pasta-wise with asparagus (it was heart of asparagus season last year) and they cooked up a great pasta dish just for me.

        Although I haven't been in a while, they used to have Murphy Goode Fume Blanc by the glass which was a nice light glass to accompany some of the less assertive pastas.

      2. Couldn't agree more with the credit given to the gnocchi, it is outstanding. Stay away from the meat dishes though, for some reason, they just aren't that great. Their fish isn't bad though. Also, for desert, do not miss the profiteroles, EXCELLENT!

        1. Epitome of a great, local trattoria

          1. we just came from Pizzicotto, we had the flank steak and porchini rizzotto. It was the absolute worst italian food we've ever had. We've had better food on an airplane, we've had decent (not wonderful) experiences there before but after tonight we will never go back! we paid $70 for crappy italian, should have ordered Domino's pizza that would have been better :(

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              Interesting. We used to really enjoy going to Pizzicotto and used to go there a lot. Lately, we have not been happy at all with the food and have stopped going there. I wonder what has happened or if others have had similar impressions?