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Jan 1, 2010 10:43 AM

Wood chips for smoker on Long Island - HELP!

Just got a propane smoker for christmas and need wood chips. Anyone know where I can buy them? I thought home depot might have them but no dice there. Wal-Mart sells them only online. There has to be some store that sells these. I am in Huntington but obviously willing to drive to get them. I want to get them ASAP as I am dying to make some ribs tomorrow.

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  1. I live in Westchester and buy my wood chips a my local hardware store.

    1. I got my lump charcoal and smoke wood from here:

      He's based in Brooklyn and provides charcoal and wood to restaurants and BBQ enthusiasts throughout the boroughs.

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        I use to by various kinds of wood chips apple,alder .mesquite etc in the Hunting supply stores .

      2. How about Home Depot or Lowes?

        1. I think the biggest problem is that most stores consider this a seasonal item, so even places that normally carry it might not now. Try calling up the local hardware stores--indies, and Ace.

          Also try stores that specialize in grilling equipment, like Vintage up by you:

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          1. re: Scott_R

            Try they are on the east end, north fork.

            Before you trek all the way out there, try the garden place that's near the merger of Deer Park Avenue and Jericho Tpk. It's just west of the shopping center that has the Elwood Movie Theatre, next to Ralph's.

            If worse comes to worse, post here. I have some apple in the backyard that you can use and I'm in Huntington.


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              There is a BBQ place in Wantagh called Jetmore that has them. I'm not sure what their winter hours are.


            2. Cabela's has everything for smokers. If there isn't one near you, I'd order on line. The chips don't weigh much so shipping probably won't cost much.

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              1. re: junescook

                I hadn't suggested online as the OP had said that time was an issue (he wanted to smoke the next day, or ASAP), rather than shipping cost.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  Thank you for all the replies. Actually found some at Home Depot on Jericho when I was going to buy an extra propane tank. When I had searched online they didn't pop up but must have been due to not using the correct search terms. Anyways, I appreciate everyone's feedback. Also picked up two racks of ribs this morning so will be doing the first test later today or tomorrow. Very much looking forward to tasting the results.

                  Now I also need to put the new sausage maker to use as well while I wait for the ribs. Should be fun.