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Jan 1, 2010 10:25 AM

New Year's Eve - tell me stories!

Last night my husband and I stayed home with someone close to us is very ill so since we couldn't celebrate the new decade and New Year in style I was hoping my fellow chowhounds would share with me and all of us (and perk me up as I am working today) any great stories or food or restaurant experiences you had last night around town last night. Also Happy New Year to you all and I wish you all the best and Happy Eating!

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  1. My wife and I went to Marche LA, in Sherman Oaks. Very blah food. Poor quality beef,scallops,etc. The corkage (listed at the bottom of a back page in very small print) was $36 a bottle!!. We will not be going back.

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      My husband and I dined with our best friend, whose husband died in March. We had a tradition of New Years eve with them . She brought her 4 year old grandson as her date. We dined at Toscana (6:30 reservation) and were delighted to see that nearly every table had families with children. The food was exceptionally good last night. My husband had grilled langousines, I had a pasta with fresh tomatoes and fresh crab. Toscana is great on New Years eve as they do not raise their prices. With our dinner we shared a bottle of Prosecco. It was all very satisfying.

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        I have become a very, very enthusiastic lover of prosecco. Wally's has at least two types of rose prosecco. Such a reasonable price for such a lovely drink!

        My wife is Japanese, so NY day is the celebration time. We did our shopping at Gelson's in the Marina (a good night to grocery shop if you like it quiet in the aisles). A 3.79 lb prime grade tenderloin was bought (for $116 - ouch!) and we'll have it early tonight.

        After Gelson's we drove across to Nichols and I had their Thursday night special - beef stew - which is very good. Lots of good gravy, big chunks of nicely cooked pot roast and plenty of carrots, onions, celery and red skinned potatoes. I had the cream of broccoli soup. Hearty fare. My wife is partial to their roast turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing.

        If anyone can live vicariously off that story I should probably feel bad for them.. ;-D>

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          Servog, you need to start going to Hows in Torrance/Redondo great prices on prime rib this time of year and good deals on choice and prime meats all year long. They are the former Hughes Family.

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            My wife had worked until 6 Thursday night, and she was pretty whipped by the time she got home. Combined with our house being adjacent to the SM airport we elected to trade $ for time and stayed in our general neighborhood.

    2. My boyfriend and I went to Echigo, dressed to the nines for a black tie party we were attending after. The atmosphere is pretty stripped down and almost antiseptic, as my boyfriend commented, but it's such a low key place that neither of us felt uncomfortable. Had a great meal (especially the kumomotos, the kampachi, and their consistently great monkfish liver and blue crab handrolls). We ordered quite a bit and it came out to $60pp after tax and tip. Part way through, the mellow atmosphere there swayed me into not attending the party and after dinner, we went home and drank champagne in our pajamas. It was a great start to 2010!

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