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Jan 1, 2010 10:23 AM

Max Downtown for New Year's--not great

We went to Max Downtown for the prix fixe New Year's dinner. We were expecting swank fun--not so much! My husband's seafood paella was weird--a few shrimp and clams, maybe a 1/4 cup dryish rice. My dinner was better--veal chop.
One dessert good, the other (key lime tart I think) seemed dried out.
But the waiter--rude! Seemed irritated to be waiting on us. With dessert when I asked for more coffee he sloshed some in my cup and booked before my husband could ask for more--didn't offer husband more, left us with nearly empty milk pitcher.
Just kind of weird for a place that I thought was going to be so upscale.
But we had fun anyway! Husband good company!
did anyone else go their for First Night?

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  1. What a shame. Max is a classy place with consistently good food and service, in my experience. I can't imagine one of their servers being anything less than courteous and efficient.

    Did you let the manager know how rude the waiter was? If not, I suggest you write to the Max Group. I'd hazard a guess they'll bend over backward to make things right for you.

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      I had a similar experience with a seafood paella some months agot Max downtonwn, and manager Steve Abrams went way out of his way to make up for the poor quality of the dish. Definitely let them know you were dissatisfied, in a constructive way, and they will go out of their way to make you a happy customer. I was floored by the care and concern he showed. I understood they were removing it from the menu.