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WTF?? When did they start putting ice cubes in milk??

Normally not a milk drinker, but over breakfast today took a sip of my companion's milk and, gak!, almost choked on an ice cube.

Is this a new trend? Something for the '10s?

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  1. Drank it as a kid with ice sometimes.
    Isn't milk 90% water?....what's a few ice cubes.

    1. If your companion put the ice in the milk, you could just ask him/her. When I was a kid, my next door neighbors drank milk with ice all the time. I think it's weird, but it's not new (to me, anyway).

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          Damn. And here I thought the dreaded "light pour" was limited to alcoholic beverages. My next door neighbors referred to their concoction as "ice milk," which confused me later when I saw ice milk in a store, and it was not milk with ice in it.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            i'll bet it was somebody -- your server-- trying to think for themselves. did you say something before you left? if it was management's idea, it could be because 'ice is the cheapest thing you put in a drink.' but you pay for milk, you should get milk without ice.

        2. Never heard of it our east Ips.

          1. That is weird. Hmm, I cannot remember if I ever had ice cubes in my milk. I do not think so, but I cannot be sure. Childhood memory can be very fuzzy.

            1. I used to put ice in my milk if I wanted it extra cold...the fridge we have now does a good enough job on its own though. I've never seen or heard of a restaurant putting ice in a glass of milk though.

              1. I think that was a wierd anomaly. One of my sons is a milk addict and orders it everywhere. Have never seen it served with ice.

                1. Not seen this yet. Hope it's not a trend.

                  1. I used to have ice in my milk as a kid, kept the milk icy cold. I'd forgotten all about it, though, until I read this. You need to stir the melted ice down into the milk before you drink it or you get a watery mouthful at first and that really is gross.

                    1. i thought the only person to do this was my uncle! I always thought he was weird for it

                      1. I used to add ice cubes to my milk...also a splash of vanilla extract. Delish.

                        1. Loved this when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me for when the warm weather comes around!

                          1. No worse than drinking beer with ice cubes.

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                                From my personal observation I've only seen older Japanese Americans do it.

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                                  They do it in the places i've been in central america too :-) Otherwise the beer would get warm too fast

                                  1. re: kubasd

                                    Maybe it's the same with milk.
                                    I thought the ice cubes in the beer was maybe a throw back to the days when light beer wasn't as popular and they were diluting rhe beer. Because I've seen iit done inside bars.

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                                      Given the choice of receiving warm beer anywhere, whether out and about or in the home......and throwing it out because it's warm.....I'll always ask for a glass of ice.

                                      With regards to milk....I need it ice cold as well....but I only drink milk if I'm having chocolate or cookies.....which is very rare.

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                                  The now-defunct Cafe Terra Cotta used to serve what they called a 110 in the Shade. It was jalapeno-steeped tequila (they changed back & forth between steeping the jalapenos in tequila and vodka), and a Modelo Especial poured over ice with a big fat lemon or lime wedge on top. It sounds odd, but is delicious- I've craved it occasionally ever since. I never have put ice in just plain beer, though.

                                3. I've been doing this for years. Far too many places serve milk that is luke-cold (I'm thinking of trademarking that phrase, so use it with care). I like milk that is icy cold; otherwise it tastes too creamy. A little bit of ice gets the temp and texture where I want it. I've gotten some raised eyebrows from waitpeople when I ask for it, but who cares?

                                  I'd note my wife often asks for extra ice with her Diet Coke, and no one ever seems to give it a second thought.

                                  1. Way back in the '70s there was one family in our neighborhood that invested in a refrigerator with an ice maker. In fact, I think they also had a separate ice making machine underneath their kitchen counter. These people put ice in everything, including milk. I found it quite refreshing and used to occasionally ask for ice in my milk. Lately I haven't had a glass of milk in years, though.

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                                      I can't drink milk without ice. My cats won't, either.

                                      EDIT: Didn't mean to jump on your post, shaogo.

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                                        Well, that makes sense. If you spent tons for a ice maker, you might well put ice cubes everywhere like on steak, on pasta, on gumbo, on Chinese fried rice, ....

                                        Why not.

                                      2. I'm from New England and I've never seen anyone do that here. But when I lived in MD, it was a bit common. I'll admit it was nice with a slice of chocolate cake.

                                        1. My husband used to drink it all the time with ice....three cubes only. Now that we buy milk in glass bottles he doesn't seem to need the ice as much. The milk seems to be colder in glass than plastic or cartons. In the summer, it's the only way I will drink it. I have never heard of a restaurant serving it that way, however milk is not something I would ever order out.

                                          1. Never heard of that, but I hate ice and milk (as a beverage, not a food ingredient).

                                            1. Oh that made me laugh ...My mum would not even drink milk without ice in it.... I do NOT like it in a box or with a fox..........but thanks for the laugh.

                                              Kristy :O))))

                                              1. I do it because I like the milk as cold as possible, sometimes even from the freezer.

                                                1. I sometimes have servers do that with orange juice too. Really annoying. I rate this up there with the trend to dress sandwiches *after* you put on the meat.