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Jan 1, 2010 09:14 AM

Cafe Fanny Au Lait

Been trying to replicate Cafe Fanny's Cafe Au Lait. Can't get it right.
Any one else try successfully ?

They have the best ones, the only place I have had one similar is in Portland.

Appreciate any tips.

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  1. Assuming you are using Mr.Espresso and Clover milk...what part isn't right?

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    1. re: cakebaker

      Mr. Espresso!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhh.
      And of course, Clover Milk. How many times have I seen that carton on their counter. I was using raw milk.

      1. re: mendogurl

        The menu says they use organic Clover milk and organic Mr. Espresso, which could be either their espresso blend or French roast blend.

        It is mysteriously good.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Isn't it??
          It is so different than Au Lait's anywhere else.
          i get them anywhere I find them on a menu, but it is never even close. The coffee usually overwhelms the milk, but at Fanny it is a perfect harmonious ratio.

          I am thinking it must be a French roast, it's pretty subtle coffee flavor.

          1. re: mendogurl

            I'd ask next time..but I think I've seen the espresso beans rather than french but I could be wrong. The oak roasting does make for a distinctive flavor. Years ago when Mr.Espresso had a shop in Alameda, I used to live around the corner and they did .25 cent shots of espresso.

          2. re: Robert Lauriston

            What kind of technology do they use to make the coffee - large scale drip (a la retail peet's), or maybe smaller scale drip? I think that would be the choice for good au lait, and should be easy to replicate.