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Jan 1, 2010 08:58 AM

Pine Nut Prices

does anybody here know why pine nut prices have gone from 8-11 bucks a pound last year to 34 dollars a pound in the last few months? This was at Berkeley Bowl.. Does anybody know of a place that is selling good quaity ones for cheaper? Or even a place in NoCal to pick the nuts yourself?

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    1. re: OldTimer

      At SF Costco yesterday, pine nuts were $26 for 1.5 pounds -- cheaper than Berkeley Bowl now but much more expensive than the $8-11/lb the OP (and I) remember from the recent past in several places. Clearly there's a trend.

    2. The cheap pinenuts came from China. I know Trader Joe's phased out foods from China after all the tainted food scares, and I suspect other places have as well. Thus, the price increases. I happened to notice that pine nuts were $7.99 for eight ounces at TJ's yesterday, which is cheaper than $34 dollars a pound, although almost four times as much as the Chinese ones were.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        TJ's looking for other suppliers would also explain the increases at places like Rainbow and BB. I recently bought some at Rainbow for something like $26/#, which I thought was a bit more expensive than before. Rainbow prices were never in the <$10 range, but topping $20 caught my attention.

      2. If you search the General topics board you'll find more than one discussion about the aftertaste and sensory problems id'd with pinenuts from China. With this major source of supply no longer viable, prices for all other pine nuts have risen dramatically in the last yr.

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          1. New May Wah is selling raw pinenuts in the shell for 7.99/lb, presumably from China. I love them boiled, and warn you that picking and shelling the nuts yourself would be a major hassle.