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Jan 1, 2010 07:40 AM

Private Room in South Bay/Long Beach?

Happy New Year! Does anyone have any suggestions for a good restaurant in the South Bay or Long Beach areas that has a private room? We'll be celebrating a toddler's first birthday, so we thought we'd take advantage of the fact that he's still too young for the typical birthday spots and go somewhere that doesn't have any robots or bad pizza. We're not having a large party, just family, so there wil only be about 10 of us. We are considering an early dinner time or late lunch time. Thanks!

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  1. you might try checking out the new terranea resort in palos verdes. i think it would be a very pretty place to celebrate the little one.

    1. I know Restaurant Christine has a private room that could handle 10 of you. I'm not sure if pricewise, it's what's your looking for. Many south bay'ers rave about this restaurant but I find the food to be dated and not particularly well-executed.

      Restaurant Christine

      24530 Hawthorne Boulevard
      Torrance, CA 90505-6807
      (310) 373-1952

      1. Thank you for your replies! I'll look into those.