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Jan 1, 2010 06:44 AM

freezing cookie dough and basics of baking powder?

My first post. I did a search and saw that you can freeze cookie dough. However, do i avoid using baking power and/or baking soda? I want plump cookies and not flat cookies which means using one of those ingredients. Help me understand. tx

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  1. Skingstone, Pillsbury has been instructing people for years to freeze their cookie dough tubes, if they are not going to bake the dough immediately. Leavening is in there, and everything, so I would guess it's not a problem. Good luck!

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      ha! tx! i froze the batter last night. thank you

    2. Depends on your particular recipe and how much, if any, egg it contains. Egg dough will rise even if some of the leavening is retarded by freezing.