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Jan 1, 2010 06:10 AM

cheap ethnic eats

travelling to manhattan for 2 days. used to live here. looking for very cheap (<$15/person), very authentic ethnic food. willing to take subway around manhattan

what i used to like.
pork chop rice. 190 Hester in chinatown
Wu liang ye (not looking for sichuan on this trip)

actually not limited to asian. would like suggestions for south american, middle eastern etc.

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    1. re: smokeandapancake

      I don't really think either of those are in the < $15 per person range.

      1. re: kathryn

        sure they are...did you see the menus (graffiti especially..nothing over 15)

        1. re: smokeandapancake

          From what I've read about Graffiti, it's a small plates restaurant, so you'd need to order multiple dishes?

          1. re: smokeandapancake

            kathryn's correct about Txikito as well... it's a small plates tapas place where you'll run up a very large bill very quickly.

        1. i also recommend the halal Chicken and Gyro cart for middle eastern

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          1. I recommend The Symposium for authentic, family-style Greek food--large portions and very inexpensive--W. 113th St. just east of Bdwy., in the basement.

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            1. re: FLnow

              Nothing special. Long time Columbia student place. Nothing better than you can get at most Greek restaurants. Don't schlep uptown for it.

            2. ok. this is what my wife and I had yesterday.

              lunch. share a pork chop rice 190 hesters. then a lamb burger and a liangpi at the new xian takeout in chinatown. got a brioche at dulca. total $16. $8 per person.

              dinner. Caracas Arepa Bar. la popular combo plus empanada. damage < $30 (before tax and tip).

              plan to hit Kafana today.

              any more suggestions?

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              1. re: newerjazz

                Red hook ball fields
                Banh Mi Saigon Bakery
                Prosperity Dumpling
                “The Cart” SW corner of 53rd and 6th during the night (yellow bag, long line)
                Ippudo the hirata pork buns...

                1. re: Asumnuthin

                  "Red hook ball fields"

                  They don't open until May.

                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    <Red hook ball fields>

                    And they're in Brooklyn.