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Jan 1, 2010 06:04 AM

Info on Mushroom Lady at JFX Farmers Market

I was just wondering if anyone had information on the Mushroom stand at the JFX Farmers Market.. is there a website or phone number to order anything?

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  1. Ferial Welsh is the Mushroom Lady. She is also at a couple of Freshfarm's markets in the DC area. Their Dupont Market is every Sunday year-round.

    Here's an article profiling her and includes a nice video clip:

    The Freshfarm site includes information on where in Pennsylvania her mushrooms are grown:

    The Pennsylvania farms:

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      Thank you very much! I appreciate it! Happy New Year

    2. Caveat emptor--check your goods before leaving the stand. Last year, I bought fresh porcini mushrooms ($$$), got home and discovered most were well, well past prime. When I mentioned it a few weeks later, there was no interest in any gesture, verbal or in goods, to make it right.

      I know it's a farm stand and they don't give receipts. But I wasn't going to hold on to the rotting mushrooms for a week or two until I came back to the JFX Farmer's Market. It would have been nice to see some sense of pride behind their products. I still buy from the stand--but now I inspect all the mushrooms in the bag before I walk away.