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Jan 1, 2010 03:36 AM

Out in the Paris suburbs (Rue Gudin area) any place to eat ?

Going to work for a week in Paris and out in the Southwest suburbs...near Rue Gudin, any good places to eat out there. The hotel is near the Porte de Saint Cloud subway station, Near Parc des Princes stadium & Roland Garros courts.
Thanks for your advice

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  1. There's a great fish restaurant called Marius. A&M is also a pretty good bistrot. There are also a few good bistrots in Boulogne whose name I can't remember right now.

    1. Well, I had a surprisingly good meal at Le Stade but let me warn you that it's like eating at the fancy resto at the New York Athletic Club; good food but buff French sports-folks.
      Le Stade
      20 ave de la Porte de Saint Cloud, 16th, (Metro : Porte de Saint Cloud)
      T :
      Open for lunch Monday-Saturday; dinner Thursday-Saturday
      Menu 21 €, a la carte 30-50 €

      John Talbott