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Jan 1, 2010 12:55 AM

New Years Traditions

Our New Years tradition (me and BF) is to drink at home together until 11:30 and then walk down to 4100 Bar, have one beer and merriment with strangers, and then come home. All the while we are having a Skins marathon-- it's a UK show about teenagers, which we identify with WAY too much. What do you do?

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  1. If we have a party that must be driven to, we go early, pay our respects, have a nibble and perhaps one glass and then leave. At about 10:00 we gather up whatever we're bringing and walk a block down the street, where we meet friends and neighbors, drink a bit too much and eat much too much, go apeshit at midnight, kiss everyone, and go home. Then I try to get up early enough to catch the Rose Parade's live broadcast - it's really happening just a couple of miles away, but get into THAT crowd? Are you INSANE?? And then some time into the first recorded replay Mrs. O comes down, and I look for whatever's available for breakfast. Happy damn New Year!

    1. For the past few years, my husband and I have gone out to dinner early--someplace in the neighborhood, nothing fancy. Then we've gone home and watched TV until nearly midnight, when we switched to the local channel broadcasting the midnight fireworks from the Space Needle. At twelve, we kiss, pop a bottle of champagne, and when the fireworks are over and the champagne is gone, I generally stumble off to bed. Real party animals, we are.

      Oh, and I usually put the black eyed peas in water to soak overnight, and we have Hoppin' John and cornbread for dinner on New Year's Day. This year we watched the Rose Bowl, but being Ducks fans, we won't say any more about that.

      1. Here in NYC a local station plays "The Honeymooners" from midnight till sometime the following afternoon. DH and I once made it to 5am watching this (it is a favorite show of ours), but that was a long time ago.
        We always have a nice champagne however, this year is was a lovely bottle of Veuve Clicquot we received as a gift for Xmas. And I made cookies, per usual. Meringues this time.

        Happy New Year Chowhounders.

        1. A New Years Day Recovery Party featuring freshly fried beignets (make the dough the night before, pray hangover isn't so bad that playing with 350 degree oil becomes too hazardous), bloody mary's, alka seltzer and strong coffee. Encourage guests to come in whatever they rolled out of bed in. Keep the lights low and lounge about.

          1. The only real New Year's tradition I have consistently abided by is to eat good chocolate and drink champagne on New Year's eve (and day) but I think it's hilarious that we spent the holiday the exact same way - I had my own personal Skins marathon through Netflix instant all New Year's weekend! I am now a total Skins addict, haha.