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Dec 31, 2009 10:19 PM

Butcher in Columbia, SC?

Does anyone have a good source for local meats? Or at least a knowledgeable butcher in town?

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  1. Great pork. We've ordered from them and had it shipped to FL.

    1. I'd second aginsky's recommendation of Caw Caw Creek. CCC usually have pork products for sale at the weekly All-Local Farmer's market, which is held most Saturday mornings at 701 Whaley Street. There is usually a beef guy and a poultry guy (Wilmore Farms) there, as well, and I bet you could order special cuts in advance. I've been to the Ole Timey Meat Market a few times. It appears to be a local butcher chain and is fine, if not particularly special. One place I'd like to draw to everyone's attention is The German Meat Market, located in a strip mall on Two Notch Rd. This is not a full service butcher, but the friendly proprietor makes a wide variety of his own German sausages and I believe smokes his own hams. Good stuff.